• Is she on the lease? If she is not on the lease and the other guy was and he terminated the lease, you can change the locks.
  • First, do you have a written lease? if so, what are the terms of the lease, regarding both tenants? If both signed the lease, then both are responsible, even though one has left the scene. the remaining tenant is liable for rent due. You cannot change the locks until 30 days have ceased and the tenant has been served with a Writ of Eviction. After 30 days, the sheriff will evict her and her property. you can also sue this person, in civil court, for all back rent owed. If she refuses still to leave, then ask the sheriff to kindly place her under arrest for trespassing. He will be happy to oblige you.
  • If she isn't on the lease you don't have to go through any eviction as far as I know.
  • If the "partner" is not on the lease, then she is a trespasser. However, if the house still contains property of the original tenant, and you put that property on the street, you have illegally evicted the tenant. If in doubt, just file for eviction against the original tenant.
  • She can stay until the rent is used up, unless there's something on the least saying no subletting or extended guests. Outside of that, state ordinances. You can almost certainly kick her out, but the specific procedure i wouldn't know about.
  • rate your landlord tenant today.
  • If she is not on the lease, then she's trespassing and can be removed. If she's on the lease, you have to evict her and take them to small claims court for your rent. If he has abandoned the property, that should violate your lease and whatever he left there is also considered abandoned. Check with an attorney or they could come back and sue you.

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