• i try to make friends with it first. and if that did not work then i run like hell.
  • I run up a tree, because if it's a grizzly, they can't climb, and I'd be safe there. If there were no trees I'd go downhill as the slope would increase my speed and give me more chance... it would also increase the bear's but I'd have a better chance because uphill would severly affect my speed, where as it would hardly affect the bear's due to it's sheer strength x
  • I'd go for my .454 cassul, if it's not there in my shoulder holster where it belongs, you can bet for sure I am not walking in bear country.
  • i'll run at it and try to scare him as bad as i am.
  • I'd run straight across the hill and hope that his speed down the hill would make it difficult for him to alter his course enough to catch me.
  • downhill, since bears can't run as quickly downhill as they can uphill AND that's the easier one of the two for me!
  • I'll run down as fast as I could in zig zag motion while at the same time remove my clothes one by one and chuck it on the ground in hopes of making the bear curious about my clothes (you know smell and all). That should increase my chances of survival. :)
  • If it's Momma Bear running towards me she probably just wants a hug and to ask me how my marriage is going. In which case, I think I'm safe. However, if, while conversing with her, a real bear shows up all I have to do is outrun Momma Bear.
  • I've just been camping in bear country, and the posted warning said running (like prey) is the last thing you want to do. And the second to last is climb a tree! They recommend backing away slowly--maybe to the side if a bear is already running in your direction--standing tall and gathering up some rocks to throw at it if it keeps advancing. They also said that even if a bear gets on its hind legs, it's not necessarily being aggressive, they catch scents in the air from that posture.
  • I just wouldn't be in that situation without a shotgun.
  • Cj - Rich's answer is great. Here's something else to keep in mind, quoted from the Alaska Office of Economic Development - Bear Watching page: "Respecting bears and learning proper behavior in their territory will help to ensure that if you encounter a bear, neither of you will suffer needlessly from the experience." It's all about the respect :)
  • It wouldn't matter as long as we run in the same direction (all I have to do is outrun you)... :-)
  • I'm not sure if I'd still be alive after I awoke from the dead faint.
  • Me? I'd probably be frozen with fear.
  • I've hiked in bear territory for years. Depends on the kind of bear. If it is a black bear I would try to make myself as big as I can, maybe using my jacket to be bigger than the bear and stand my ground. I may back away while facing him if he doesn't accept my bluff. If I back away, I will throw my pack down in front of me and hope he will investigate it to leave me alone. If it is a grizzly and he is coming towards me I will first try to back away. If that isn't working and he charges, I will curl into a ball locking my hands around the back of my neck so he doesn't bite my neck easily, down on the ground. I will not take off my pack as it may provide some protection. Never run from a bear, it triggers their prey drive.
  • I would never go into bear country without having a gun and knowing how to use it. So if the bear ran at me I'd shoot it, but only if I had to.
  • if there is somebody there with you and u dont no him just trip him then ull be safe

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