• yes definitely. it's better then dying here.
  • Ground control to Major Wakko..... :P
  • Is the ticket round trip?
    • Roaring
      If you go with Spacex the return trip is free.
    • 11stevo73
      SpaceX make Mars I doubt it. Has any of Elons predictions ever happened?
    • Roaring
      Yes most all of them
  • Definitely! No doubt!
  • I wouldn't. I am claustrophobic, and I definitely don't do well with even a motorcycle helmet on my head.
  • No I am not good at even flying in a regular airplane, I get too claustrophobic! I'd rather look at it through a telescope lol.. :)
  • Where abouts in metaverse with your VR head set on. Is the only way you'll be traveling to traveling to Mars you believe too much Elon Musk rubbish. What will you do once you get to Mars die? Im old enough to not care its a one way trip and young enough to still be usefull building the coloney Id probably go but it will not happen in 2025
  • I'd want more details. But assuming return (yes, in 18 or more months) probably: yes. I think it would be an historic adventure, and it would be grand to be a participant in it.
  • I would be too old to handle the adventure.
  • Sure, I don't mind visiting the Red Planet.
  • If they'd let me. But my health would probably exclude me now.
  • No because I don’t like heights and also Mars is not habitable for earthlings. Also, you need a reality check if you believe in humans travelling into space and that’s what happens in sci-fi movies which are not real.
  • NO...not even if there was a $100 million cash in the same envelope. 😏
  • I'd check out the daily "Mars Today" newspaper to find out when its okay to travel to Mars. re: Mars Today "Total Recall" Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
    • Roaring
      I am chuckling : )
  • I don't care what year it is.. Heaven is HIS abode the earth is HIS footstool.
  • No. I’m a down to Earth person and I don’t like heights. I prefer to be realistic about it by seeing your question as silly because space travel is for sci-fi movies. People who believe in space travel have their minds on sci-fi movies and are fooled by the imagination of others who come up with the idea of going into space. I’m just wondering if you wear a tin foil hat believing in all sorts of fantasies like space travel.
    • Urban Spaceman
      I suppose you are one of those fools who doesn't believe the Moon Landing was real.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I suppose you’re one of the fools who believes the moon landing was real. That was set in a studio. The giveaway that it is fake is that there were no stars in the background and the flag was waving at the time. How could the flag be waving when there is no air in space? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.
  • I'll be 70 that year, so why not? It'll be the start of a new phase in my life.

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