• You've asked four questions so I'll try to be brief ... Yes, Yes, No, and Yes. (lol)
    • Percussion
      Wow, good job!
  • it already has died tbh. everyone's escaping because our parents and grandparents found it... and buzzfeed... (on top of the scandals)
  • Eventually it will be replaced. It won't die fast or because of this little snafu. Facebook helped me in my profession (the reason I joined) but also helped me reconnect with my online friends (MSN's Q&A, Yahoo 360, China Shenzhen, MSN's spaces, Multiply), Church friends and most surprisingly my own family. I get more responses to my Q&A questions there than I do here, too! Lawsuits may come and go, but it won't ruin FB.
  • Facebook has become a thing of the past for millions of users who migrated to VKontakte known as VK in 2016. VK is more versatile. You can create your profile, add friends, gain followers, post photos, videos, start conversations, live streams, create music playlists, play video games, join communities, etc. The video quality on VK is great. VK is the Russian Facebook. The social media website keeps uniting millions of people through messaging and news sharing from around the world.
  • The future is a platform of peer to peer networking {Without} centralized corporate control and use of our personal data. So yes it will become less relevant particularly to the younger generations. And those "not for sale" savants designing the future.
  • i hope not, i like facebook

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