• The first thing you need to do is figure out why you cheated on her. The rest should come easy. She may take you back. If she doesn't, you'll have a clue as to what NOT to do in your next relationship. I'm sorry - I just find it hard to have much sympathy for you. Deduct points if you must.
  • Well haven't you gotten yourself in a pickle? My My, I know the feeling. A relationship is alot of hard work. All you can do is try to show her just how sorry you are, and hope she will forgive you. If she does you must and I mean MUST prove to her you won't ever do it again. that means no looking at other women, calling her every minute to let her know your whereabouts, and ALWAYS being on time. If you can do that you might have another shot. Oh yeah and letting her see for herself that it didn't mean anything to you, she's the only one for you.....Good Luck with that.
  • Not cheat on your next girlfriend.
  • Well, if you cheated on her you don't love her, so take it as a sign that you don't belong together and give her the opportunity to find a decent man who won't do that to her. If you can't live without her you'll just have to top yourself, although I doubt that it will come to that.
  • Well, for starters, you should give her some space. You were not only intimate her for 11 years, she was with you, as well. She is hurting very badly right now. Give her some time to cool down. Step 2: Grovel Step 3: Buy her things Step 4: See step 2 Step 5: Return to step 2 and repeat.
  • The only thing you can do is try to apologize and talk to her about it. Honestly, I don't think she should take you back. You cheated, she had every right to leave, and has every right to hate you. I'm with her on this one.
  • If the last part of your statement is true.....Do the honourable thing....
  • Start taking responsibility for who you are, what you do, and what you don't.

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