• Let me see. She's your ex-girlfriend... therefore, the relationship is over. She has cut off all communication... therefore, the relationship is over. Why do you worry about expecting her to "come clean"? It's irrelevant at this stage. The relationship is over... move along. That's the healthiest thing to do.
  • I think what you're getting at here is "will I ever get an apology?" I know how that feels, I too like to have that closure, and to know that the people who I care about care enough about me to at the very least say sorry when they have hurt me. If she broke up with you and refuses to speak to you at all, if an apology is coming, it isn't until she does some serious maturing. Honestly, you are better off without someone who would cheat, lie and then not have enough respect and decency to try to make things right. All you can do is tell yourself that if she weren't so ashamed of herself, she wouldn't've reacted as strongly as she did, and in the end, you can be proud of yourself for being the bigger person. Try to move on, and maybe someday that apology will come. In the meantime, be content that you weren't the one who cheated and lied and acted like a baby. That should at least make you feel a little better about yourself at night.
  • If she is your ex-girlfriend, whats the problem? the world is full of other people, go find one.
  • i Hate Cheating bitches Im sure my Girlfriend is about to become one its making me Mad. a bit. Like did you fully catch her Red handed Rooting some other dude or did the truth just come out, i tell you. if i walked in on my Missus, and caught her red handed. id more then likely be imprisoned or worse.true story,im kinda worried i think its almost gunna happen like in the next two days,i let her build her own trap,lets just see if she falls into the hole. Or wether ill hafto Cut off her head to make her fit :P., i feel sorry for Whoever her victim is even if it is her faggot ex, He's gunna wish he never met her.. my answer is. "some say when you burn a witch, You set free her soul,.Ive always said to BURN THE BITCH!, the spoken words of old." - Testament Dude just forget the Slut. Bury your dead. Peace and Love world wide. By the way im not some Abusive Piece of shit arsehole or anything, ive just been lied to for way to long. And i know theres nuthing i can do to change it and Suspicions arnt Helping anything. But if i walk in there on thursday Night. And theres Some Cunt in my girlfriends house. God help scared of myself right now. Love...
  • Who cares?!?!! You're lucky to know her true colors. Wash your hands of her and move on and up.
  • She is your ex, so who gives a crap, you shouldn't have been in communication anyway, so she did you a favor anyway.
  • G'day Rufdog, Thanks for your question. Probably not. I would move on and look for someone new. Living well is the best revenge. Regards
  • Caught? As in the act? Walking right in? A gf who lies and fails to talk to you does'nt sound like someone you should pursue. Anyway, thats easier said then done........If you're in love then you'll still pursue until you've had enough. Good luck.
  • If she is your ex-girlfriend, what do you care. Move on.
  • Who cares. You know that the sun rises in the east. It does; even if someone says it doesn't. The important thing is to consider new experiences like new opportunities. Forget about her and find someone who appreciates loyalty and honesty like you do. Consider extreme activities like rock climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. Share these experiences with a friend or a new girl.
  • At this point you should cut your loses and just leave. She most likely will not admit it, and who cares if she does? Go find a better girl, you deserve it.
  • I just found my girfriend cheating tonight.. I am crushed to say the least.. It hurts like hell and believe it or not I cant stop crying..I put all my trust into her and gave everything I had to her.. If anyone dates Ashlee goff from clearfield they are in for a huge surprise. she has no respect for individuals and doesnt know how to care.. she lies through her teath. and thats said.. her own mom cant stand her.. I guess it should have been a sign..
  • Gay Talese on infidelity. "Here's what people don't get. Sex is not that important. It isn't the most important thing in any relationship. Marriage is never about sex, and yet in American fiction so many stories and novels present a sexual dalliance ans an unpardonable sin. (In real life) I never thought that should be true. Marriage is the main event. These other relationships bring me into worlds I would otherwise not know. These relationships have helped our marriage. ..I think of all these people who get divorced over minor matters...I don't see how people can live in conventional marriages. " Gay Talese has a fifty year marriage with a very accomplished,independent and fiscally successful wife.
  • Nope. Probably not. Move on.

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