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  • Will she be in pain? It depends on what kind of DP you're talking about. If it's vaginal & anal and she's not used to anal sex, she will hurt. If it's two penises in her vagina and she is not stretched out due to childbirth, it will hurt. If it's vaginal & oral, it should not hurt. As to if they should orgasm in her or on her, it's up to her since she's going to carry it in her or on her.
  • It's according to how sexually advanced your wife IS, and how much sexual activity she's had--a lot of factors-- because When I first got with my boyfriend 6 years ago, I hadn't had any dp anal or vaginal sex. Yet, as my boyfriend turned me on to sexual experimentation, and as my sexual experiences grew, things came natural to me, and felt so good. So much so that as of now, I thoroughly enjoy dp anal and vaginal sex with multiple sexual partners which is what my boyfriend, me and our sex partners love as well. We also engage in a lot of foreplay before sex which gets me quite comfortable and stretched, we use lots of lubrication as well and my vaginal and anus is thoroughly relaxed before I engage in dp sex, and it's extremely enjoyable even when I'm dealing with multiple sex partners and for very long periods of time during sex.
  • Are you sure YOU'RE ready for this? Alot of guys think the idea is great, and don't do so well when they see the love of their life getting pleasure from another guy. Make sure you're ready as much as you worry about how she'll do. I would advise that you not let anyone ejaculate in her vagina, even if 'protection' is used, since you really don't need to risk having to raise a child that isn't yours. Aside from that, you should make sure that you retain something that is intimately between you and your wife. Be very careful who else it is you involve in this. You don't want someone that is going to be obsessive, or someone that will treat you and your wife in any way other than what you're comfortable with.

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