• It can be as long as 12 months before you find out for sure. The statue of limitations in most states require charges to be filed in a timely manner based on the level of activity in the justice system. Generally every state has its own guidelines as to the time period when a law must be enforced. Sometimes it can be as long as 3 to 6 months before the police can sift through the evidence and determine whether or not its appropriate to charge someone with a crime. If you get charged 6 months down the road your attorney could probably file a motion to drop the charges for taking so long to file them. I can understand your situation. I had a friend who was accused of stealing. His accuser filed a police report but it ended up on the bottom of a pile of paperwork. He thought the incident was dead until 4 months later when a group of cops ended up on his door step one evening when he least expected it. Some bueracrat in the justice system probably came across the file and decided that he needed to be arrested.
  • Were the drugs confiscated? if so, you can expect a presentment to the grand jury for a sealed indictment. the police may be "looking for bigger fish". that may be why you were not arrested, at the time of the search. the police are looking for big drug dealers, rather than a simple possession. 12 months is the usual amount of time, an arrest can be made, from the results of a search warrant.

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