• who are these guys, and what is KUSI tv???
  • I listened to the link until it mentioned that Fox is the only station to put them on air.At that point I stopped the tape. Fox rarely gets the facts straight and are more opinion than news,and for sure they would side with what these people are saying,even if they claim the sky is pink with purple polka dots.
  • There is no "climategate". The scientific consensus on the matter is overwhelming, there is no attempt to deceive the world.
  • The outrage will grow. There is now data from New Zealand being called into question. There are variances between the raw data from the reporting stations and the same data from those same stations as reported by New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA). Up until now there was no real reason to compare the data. Refusing to release data voluntarily and then fighting to prevent its forced release only invites scrutiny. If this matter is so critical then sharing as much data as possible in the shortest amount of time it seems to me should be the only priority. It isn't rational that researchers would be willing to destroy data on cancer or diabetes or aids rather than share it with the rest of the scientific community.
  • There is no real scandal save the fact that some hacker perpetrated a massive data theft and posted the stolen emails online. THe few bits of text that appear controversial are not so when viewed in context. They only appear to be scandalous when stripped of context and run through a partisan spin machine. Here's a thoughtful discussion of the issue from Eugene Robinson.
  • I have been listening to it on ABC news out of Boise so it is being picked up by the major networks although slowly. This is a huge embarrassment and there are probably a LOT of legal aspects to it. When you consider all the policy changes made because of biased and incorrect information you are looking at potential prison time for some. They are being careful with it but it is breaking into mainstream media.
  • This is just stupid lies. No one would even care to review this nonsense. We have global warming. I dont' need any gate to tell me that.
  • Because the mainsteam press has an agenda to follow. They think that the government knows how to run your life better than you do. If the climate change bills pass governments will have total control over people because everything you do causes carbon to be released. Finally, it's been exposed that there is no "consensus" The only consensus there ever was, was crooked politicians playing with the scientific data and crooked "scientists" that played along with the governments hoping for more grant money. It's been exposed as a fraud. I think it is hilarious that all the emails came out exposing global warming as a scam! Hats off to the hackers!
  • Probably because Alex Jones is hardly an impartial comentator.... & that he's a well know conspiracy theorist hardly helps his cause.
  • It is not true that the whole world was deceived. One group of researchers, out of hundreds across the world, has apparently gone too far in their statements. There is no evidence that they were in any way collaborating with other groups or that there is any general tendency amongst the community at large to deceive. Scientists are as human as other people, which means that some of them can get over-enthusiastic for a cause in which they believe. Regrettable, but human. And this is one small, and not particularly important group.
  • Simply put, the politicians and pusedo scientists have been lying to us all along. I applaud the hackers for their efforts at exposing a scam. There seems to be no honesty any more.
  • I am outraged. The global effort by fossil fuel industries to deny climate change and thereby put millions of lives at risk for the sake of profits is terrible.
  • Because even it you don't believe in global climate change, you would have to agree that the policies and processes to reduce our impact on the planet make sense. These 3 articles out of the millions that are not from Fox help explain why so many people do believe and are not swayed by change deniers. First eco refugees Impact of change on Mongolian herders lives. Ice nurseries for the Harp seal is deteriorating.
  • The premise of your question is that there should be more outrage and the whole world was deceived - on the first there is a whole lot of outarage in the world and I'm not about to agree we need more and on the second if I cared to trade videos and studies with you we could use up our lifes. Believe as you wish and if I did not respond in the proper vein I agree with you whateve you think I should. +5
  • It's coming. There is an investigation underway in the UK. The global warmers won't be able to sweep such deception under the rug. People with open minds and common sense have known for a long time this was a huge hoax. Those who have bought into it like a religion will never let go, no matter the facts.
  • Because people don't like it when they have been punked,,this is the biggest punk job of all time,,Global warming is and always was a hoax.
  • There is much more outrage than you may think. Some psuedo scientists appear to have been decieving us for political reasons or reasons unknown to us. Then again, they may truly be on the right track, but their destroying of the raw data they used to reach their conclusions leaves people wondering if they are truly science or politically oriented. I question their motive in deleting the raw data, and they have been harshly criticises by scientists who would like to verify what they espouse. Let them be honest with the scientific community and we may have something to go on.
  • Well, the positives seem to outweigh your negative comment. F.U!
  • How can there be much outrage if the mainstream media won't report it?
  • There's no outrage because scientists are still fighting over whether or not man made global climate change is happening. How arrogant of you to assume you know more than the brightest minds of our age.
  • It appears someone may be hiding data to suit their own purpose. Whether that is true or not I am not privy to, but the question of whether they are remains to be solved.

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