• In 2008, US automaker execs were criticized for flying private jets to Washington to request taxpayer bailout money. Maybe one day, participants in these conferences will be tele-transported. Just remember to make a backup first.
  • I don't take climate change seriously at all. It's a liberal scam.
  • I take climate change seriously either way, but yeah, it's irresponsible to have so many world leaders and their staff jetset out to these sorts of things for multiple reasons.
    • Archie Bunker
      It's time people realize that "man-made climate change" is a business. If they didn't scare so many people, they'd have less money in their budgets. It's become a religion to many, and if you don't believe in their religion, you're a heretic.
    • bostjan64
      Perhaps it is a business, but whether it is a business or not doesn't make it any more or less true. I mean, cancer treatment is a business that is making a similar amount of profit as climate change, yet I don't hear that many people going around shouting that cancer is a myth. I guess the best question, though, is to ask "Does the $160-ish billion dollars spent on climate change research actually do anything to limit climate change?"
    • mushroom
      Global emissions will continue to rise in the 2020s, so any expectation of suddenly reversing the trend is misleading. But just throwing up your hands and saying "why bother?" is kicking the can down the road and sentencing our children to face onerous restrictions. The "anti-vax" campaign is just as misleading. Nobody wants polio or other diseases, but whose choice is it to refuse vaccinations and risk spreading these to people with compromised immunity? Smoking was once commonplace, but I don't see organized pro-smoke movements today. People griped about changing lamp bulbs, and while cheap replacement bulbs had a bad reputation for light quality and durability, today's LED bulbs greatly improve on both. Coal is an industry which peaked 100 years ago. How many homes were built with coal furnaces since WWII? Do you really care how electricity is generated, as long as it works when you flip the switch? Business cannot hold back time. We can adapt now, or we can all suffer in misery later.

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