• I reccomend not doing it. It's hair with follicles so of course it'll gro back even if your scalp is bald. In college I got really drunk and my "friends" decided to shave one eye brow off. Ha Ha. So I had to shave the other and it took about 3 weeks or so for it to grow back.
  • Ca I ask you why you are doing this? Is it a nervous habit or are you under some kind of stress? You should examine these questions first, as it is important to know why you would be doing this: it is not normal nor advisable. Your eyelashes are there for a reason, to protect your eyes. Yes, they will grow back, but if you keep pulling them out, you will be in the same position.
  • ...I recommend you stop pulling out your eyelashes.
  • You may have a disorder called trichotillomania - there is a support group on yahoo for it - I have it too and pull mostly my eyelash hairs - they do grow back generally, but the danger is that if you manage to damage the follicle, certain lashes may not grow back. It's a disorder precisely because those of us who do it have a compulsion to do it - just saying "don't do it" isn't enough - I tell myself not to do it all the time and then I find myself picking at them. The support group on yahoo is really nice - you'll find a lot of people who understand about the compulsion to pluck. Good luck!
  • Your eyelashes will eventually grow back. You really shouldn't be pulling them out in the first place. Do you have a nervous disorder that is causing this?
  • they will grow back but it is a slow process
  • I did the exact same thing, it is very hard to stop but your eyelashes will grow back it just may take its time. if it gets really bad i would buy some fake lashes that you can use daily till your eye lashes grow back.
  • sounds painful i hope you grow them back soon.
  • its a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) caleld tricotelimania....i have had this disorder since the 4th grade.. now im a sophomore..... Last night i had a really bad episode.... an all time low...... they had finally grown back from the last time i did it... i had had a bad night.. and a lot of homework... i m a was late and i was alone... once u start u get in to this trance and u cant stop urself.... untill someone inturupts.. but my mom had taken my phone so i was really alone... and really stupid... i cried the rest of the night and now i dont want to go out in public or see anyone... it just makes me so mad.... but at the time it made me feel better... ive delt with this and the comments for so long now... im scared to see peoples reaactions and i will probably cry some more.... however they do grow back.. in about 8 weeks... makeup has become my crutch.. but his time i dont think i can cover it up... so i m going to get some false ones... i sometimes also pull on my eye brows.... it so embarising how popple look a little closer... and judge.... they are doign gene studies and all that junk.. but as of now there is no cure... except behavior modifcation and self awarenes.. when ur stressed try to stay around someone... or talk to soemone... recognize when u do it anad y....prevent it think about it when ur not in those situations... never give up whe u want at the moment for what u want most... it may make u feel better to jsut pull nad pull and pull ... but then u realize when theres nothign to pull, that u have a problem... and it didnt help anything.... try doign soemthign with ur hands at those times...a project or anything... u have got to do it from inside its all up to u girl... life sux with out ur eyelashes i know... but they will grow back... u just have to wait... and never do it again...
  • I do this too, its not because it feels nice or anything, in fact it doesnt feel anything at all, its just something i do, kinda like people who bite their nails i guess. firstof all i just use ti pick off my mascara, then my eye lahes were coming out th it, now i just cant stop doing it when im bored!! its annoying but i am trying to stop, i cant wait for them to grow back! x
  • they will DEFINATELY grow back so dont worry
  • i have been pulling at my lashes n eyebrows for like 7 years and its so hard. people do noptice, i was at school the once n i had a gap in my eyelashes n loads of gurls saw n took the piss, but its abit betta nw, i jus use makeup bt even that dont really help they still look short n horrible i really wish i had a full set of lashes it gets me down so muchg i cant stop it i pull my hair out aswell n its such a mess i havent been to the hairdressers in like 5 years cause of bald pathches n i have to use gel to hold down tufts when i wear my hair down i cant cope no more n i cnt tell anyone im so ashamed eto nveryone will think im a weirdo its ruinin my life im a gud lukin gurl n i jus wanna be normal i am gna have to start wearin false lashes nw to make me feel betta bt its nt the same i jus wish i didnt have this but i cant stop
  • they do grow back i have seen lots of roots on mine like over all the years but they grow back straight n nt as thick they probs wnt grow back curly but they will defo grow bavk u just gotta wait i heard vaseline helps
  • Yes dont worry they will grow back in again they may a bit of time but they will get there ok
  • I just pulled out a huge part of eyelashes and now theres a huge gap. This sucks...Ive always picked at my mascara and pull out a couple of lashes but this is the worse Ive ever done...I look like a moron...and its super noticeable because i have really long, pretty lashes. I hope they grow back the same and QUICKLY!!!!
  • Hey. your not alone! I have had this disorder since i was eight i am now 19. i dont remember why i first started doing it. I just remmember i could never stop! Its an ocD disorder TOT. I never even realizzed it was a disorder till this last year of 2008. you see i had always thougt it was nothin more then a very bad bad habbit. I know how you feel , and the worst part is when someone calls you weird and says "just stop doing it" you see they vont realize how bad it is and cant just stop. THERE IS HOPE I did once grow them back when i was 15 they were just as pretty as before. i stayed busy and tryed my hardest to catch myself in the act. I now rely on make up but i know that there is guys wit it or younger females. I recomend when and if you do grow them back lay off mascra for quite some time. that will genraly cause you to clump and pull!!! write me back if youd like:) much love
  • i reallly wish i couls stop as well. i started when i was 17 now i am 20. i do it the most when i am alone, and bored and especially when i am stressed out. i will do it at work or at school while taking a test. its embarrasing. but its sooo agrivating becuase you touch your eyelashes and you feel that ONE eyelash that is thicker than the other or thinner or longer or shorter.... and no matter how much self discipline you have, that eyelash will be out by the end of the night. i had done it reallllly bad once and they just recently grew back. then my boyfriend left for iraq for 6 months, so here came the stress. now... 80% of my lashes are gone. i wear fake ones and heavy eyeliner so you cant tell. and once they start growing in i continue to wear the fake ones.... its so embarrasing becuase spring break is coming up and i dont want to go in the pool or beach becuase then you can see my bald spot onmy eyelid. and its HUGE. helllllp.
  • normally takes mine a couple of months to fully grow back, try putting a tight rubber band round your wrist and when you go to pull give it a good twang it really does work and tell your family and friends if they see you do it they can grab your arm and pull it it really works.
  • Yes definately. You just need to be pateint I pulled my eyelash since I was 11 because I was bullied & then it became a worse and I would only pick them if people were saying bad things to me especailly my parents I didnt really knew at that time what it actually this disorder was called now I know that many people have had this since there were young and in there teens. We are living in this small world and there are going to be alot of people saying different things about eachother but we need to stand up for on another and keep our heads high. I am 30 now & in another month or tow I will have the longest thickest eyelashes that I have ever seen on a person. The best thing to do about this is to also keep yourself busy at all times this will prevent you from picking your eyelashes. Also you need your lashes to protect your eyes because without your eyes you cannot see. This will protect them from dust, cold & sunlight. Its very important to keep your lashes I know this now it is not just to have a pretty face but god gave you these lashes for your protection of your eyes just remember this in future I hope this helps.
  • Yess don't worry they will grow back again for that eyelid surgery is one of the best option. For more details visit

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