• No, pro-choice activists dont want to kill the pro-life people!
  • I can only break it down this way. 1. It is a fight 2. the zygote is innocent 3. It is a right 4. They are human eventually 5. It is legal in most states Is it right? It should be a personal choice at this time. We will only become one on this issue when all of mankind respects what it means to give birth.
  • "your not a human til your in my phone book"
  • That's what they say. But I think we should consider life the child will be living in. And also, how far the pregnancy is (which month), I would never agree to kill a few months unborn baby. Lets give it few days.
  • no it's fighting for choice. there's a difference. what do you think we pro-choicers do on a daily basis? eat fetuses, beat up toddlers, bathe in sheep's blood & pray to Satan? jeez, i only do that like, maybe, once a month!
  • No it is fight to let people have the choice to remove t heir unwanted undeveloped embryo.
  • You know, for a bunch of people who profess to believe in everlasting life they sure don't seem to take it very seriously. No one really dies. We are immortal souls first and bodies second.
  • I don't think so. Women should have the choice to do what is best. I do however think that it should be illegal after a certain point unless in cases of rape, incest, birth defects, etc...
  • It is in the case of late term abortions. I use to be against abortion but as I have grown older and somewhat wiser I agree with most abortion laws. To many children are killed and neglected everyday by their parents, to many children sit their whole adolecent lives waiting to be adopted or stuck into a horrible foster home. There are alot of people that should not have children. I think of it this way, if a woman is okay with getting an abortion then she probably shouldn't be a mother anyways. And whos to say abortion isn't gods will? Its hard to imagine that but no one knows, maybe these "children" are being saved from something more horrible. I do think there should be a cap on the age of the fetus being aborted.
  • while I do not agree with aborting children, it is every woman's right to abort an unwanted child, although once it gets beyond a certain point I think adoption is the more suitable alternative. In cases of rape, life endangerment for the mother, etc I believe they should be able to abort the child regardless. it's not the right to legally kill innocent humans, it's the right to have the choice in birthing a child that may or may not be wanted for whatever reasons.
  • A fetus cannot be described as innocent. They do not have a consciousness or a mind and are just about as human as a fish, the main difference being that a fish is actually able to sustain itself and doesn't require a host body. The only people killing other humans in this feud between pro-life and pro-choice so far has been the pro-lifers killing doctors. Really, that should tell anyone how much those people value human life.
  • I wonder what the stats are on pro-choice folks killing pro-life folks? I ask because we read and hear in the news of killings of doctors and nurses, heck in some cases entirely open fire on clinics that deal with abortion. Yet I have never read nor I in my career come upon pro-choice gunning down pro-lifers. Just throwing this out there for thought.
  • the fight for abortion is not a fight to kill innocent humans.the fight for abortion is a fight for our freedoms as a human being.who gives anyone the right to say you can of cant have a child.if you outlaw abortions you wont stop them,just make them more dangerous to obtain.imangine the pain somenoe has to live with after an abortion and then imangine the pain the innocent child would suffer not getting the help it needs after being born in the world because the mother cannnot take care of her everyone prepared to take in a child because the mother couldnt abort or support?
  • Exactly.
  • Yes and no. I know how I feel about it, but I am not going to push what I believe onto another person. At this point, it's legal. I do agree that if it's outlawed, it won't stop it, so maybe work harder on teaching pregnancy prevention, making awareness for Plan B pill, stuff like that, so maybe then abortions wouldn't occur so often.
  • Yep. Whatever excuses they make or BS they throw out there about an embryo not being human, the truth is intellectuals support abortion because the people who are using it are seen as irresponsible to begin with. If they were responsible they wouldn't be pregnant in the first place, right?. So they rationalize that it's "for the best" since irresponsible parents are seen as a burden to society. They don't come clean because they don't have the balls to tell you how they really see it. It's partly a form of eugenics. Elitist types actually like it when poor people go without children. This keeps the poor people's stupid, lazy, irresponsible, and not so white genes from making the rounds. And we just know poor people must be lazy and stupid, cause if they weren't, it just wouldn't be possible for them to be poor in America, right? If they had their way, abortion would be paid for 100% by the government, free however many times a woman wants one.
  • So many people rationalizing why it's a good idea to kill a young person. Amazing.
  • Thats one side of it. The other is the State's power to force, by law, a woman to carry pregnancy to term. Who can win that kind of argument?
  • Being an advocate for a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body does not make a person 'FOR' abortion. I'm pro-choice, but I think abortion is an incredibly immoral and horrible option. For some women though, it is their ONLY option. Who am I, as a man, to decide what a woman decides in her darkest hour — especially if she's a victim of rape, molestation or incest?
  • Nope. It's the right to have a minor surgical procedure.
  • I personally believe so ... +5
  • It's less about that, and more about womens' reproductive rights.
  • yup! i personally believe that is right on the money

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