• I don't know what is swirling but the brown could be caused by hard water. There are a number of cleaners made just for hard water stains. If you have a water softener check to see if you need salt!
  • Not clean enough.
  • Does it come right back after you clean the toilet? If so I have had that problem once, I think it is something to do with the water, but either way you need to soak the toilet with bleach about once a week for about 20 minutes, that took care of mine. I would also spray the toilet with disinfectant on a regular basis if you don't do that already. Good Luck! ; )
  • Hello, seems you have a real problem, and you should bleach it, clean it real good. But i have a question? do you see this action in your drinking water? there are bacteria in wells and in other sorts of water. the last thing you need is to be drinking it if you see this problem . you say your clean so i take it you clean the tolite.. if it isnt in the water you may need another tolet bowel and make sure its clean with bleach. bleach kills most bacteria.
  • we cleaned it with bleach and toilet bowl cleaner containing bleach and nothing is working... here's a picture

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