• There is no absolute answer to this question. An earthquake in any coastal or oceanic region might cause a tsunami or it might not. It entirely depends on the kind of motion caused by the earthquake. A tsunami requires that a massive displacement of water. In the case of the recent asian tsunami, a part of the earth's crust collapsed as two tectonic plates collided, thus displacing a lot of water in a fashion that subsequently caused a huge upwelling that led to the tsunami. So, yes, if all the conditions were met -- big earthquake leads to displacement of earth's crust leads to massive displacement of water -- then a tsunami could happen in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • I agree with everything stated in the other answer. However, major earthquakes do not occur in the gulf coast area of the USA. That's not saying it can't happen, but just that it is highly unlikely. You have a better chance at winning the lottery than seeing a tsunami in Houston.
  • Well there was a 6.0 quake in the Gulf of Mexico just today.
  • I live in Tampa and my house was shaking something fierce from the earthquake in the Gulf today. My first thought/fear was of a tsunami, that is why I searched and found this web site. So, from today's event, I am assuming that a tsunami could possibly hit Tampa if another quake occurs. First hurricanes and now earthquakes. If I could afford to move, I would leave Florida as much as I love it.
  • According to the Tsunami Center in AK, it is highly improbable for a tsnami in the Gulf of Mexico, due to the composition of the ocean floor. Having said that, the boating public does seem to be creating a 'War of the Worlds' hysteria at the possibility!
  • I am not scared of tornados, hurricanes, or anything else that we have here in the south, but, being a frequenter of the gulf of mexicos beautiful panhandle, I am frantic of tsunamis, even tho they seem impossible, after watching people just never thinking it could happen and the water swallowing them up, I am very scared. I think all oceans need a warning system. I sure hope they have one in the Gulf.

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