• They found out who the Prime Minister of Canada is (Justin Trudeau) and realized there was another jerkweed leader up there and gave up in disgust
    • Ice man
      Yes, he lives in a trailer park ... just like your's
    • ReiSan
      Justin Trudeau is a terrible leader.
  • Madonna is living in Portugal. There was a problem with the secret service guys questioning her over her speech at the gathering in DC.
  • They are all hunkered under their beds waiting for the next "excuse" to holler about it.
  • Hmm! Haven't they left yet?
  • They were just lying, as is their habit. No other nations want them. They imagined that Americans would care if they left. They are deluded about that and many more things. They imagine people will heed their insane ravings and do as they like. They should have learned that is not true, but many of them are incapable of learning anything besides movie scripts, and some of them even have difficulty with that.
  • The Bahamas.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you really want people boycott in the Bahamas?
  • They never left. Celebs are hypocrites and liars. All they did was grandstand and virtue signal to their fans fully expecting Trump to lose, but, as we all saw, they're not leaving. What's funny is how they bash the US and say things like, "We're so racist and awful," and so on, yet, will never admit that the US is the best. Move to Canada or Europe. You don't have free speech there or the right to protect yourself among many other things.
    • Linda Joy
      Anonymous says Madonna moved to Portugal.What rights do they have there? What I like best is that if they perform or do business in the US they still have to pay taxes. How many of them do you think will turn down American money! ? Even people who hate America love taking our money all the while they Bitch about capitalism!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Many of those bitching about the evils of capitalism and the huge wage gap, are those rich Hollywood types, a'la, Michael Moore.
    • FishyFish
      Well, the wage gap's a myth, and not only do Hollywood elites bitch about it, but, also those who have nothing and do not wish to compete within our society. It's always these horrible losers who promote socialism and so on because in that sort of system, they'll have more than in a capitalist system. Maybe if they worked for something, they'd have something.
  • They should be forced to keep their promises to leave. Let them move in with Justin Trudeau!
  • Still here in the U.S...and acting like fools.
  • They may be working for or funding these groups so the agenda goes through.
  • maybe they left the country
    • Venus1485
      Np, they didn't!
  • wonder why the page linda gave us the address to no longer exists? Pity they didn't all leave and not return.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Here's a similar article:
  • This question popped up as "a short time ago" in my feed. 9/27/23

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