• Please do not run away, I am 32, and when I had sex for the first time I was 17, my parents freaked bad, just give her some time, being a parent myself, I can see that, but that aside, I would implore them to not freak out and just have a heart to heart because this is an adult situation, and if they want to model for you, they should address this as adults, with understanding, but as a mom, you I would want to whoop your ass, not seriously, but tell you what, if you want to talk, get in contact with me on here, and we can email, just cuz i have been through it.
  • What do you do? Apologize to both your parents (since your Dad will find out momentarily) for being so foolish and irresponsible. Then work with them to take your punishment and work on rebuilding their trust. And make much, much better decisions.
  • I praise you for your courage to post this question. Well, your mom better listen to you. What happened happened. I hope you had a protected sex. Now as you know your parents' reaction are you going to "venture" doing sex again?? Why you need this troubles for yourself? If your mom doesn't listen find a confidant, like a very best friend, and ask her to talk to your parents. I don't have a precise answer on your question.â—„ Try to talk to your mom and dad and assure them you are not going to have sex any more.â–º And I ask you that you are not.
  • If your dad wants to beat you up, child services should really be involved. I'm sorry, but that is not acceptable from a parent.
  • 14 is awful young to be engaging in something that God intended for married, adult people. You have little idea about the consequences. Perhaps that's what your mother was thinking of. I'd be upset, too, if my child was suddenly active. So, just take your medicine - obviously you consider yourself adult enough to have sex - and try to make up with your parents, as well as obey any restrictions they put on you. (Ephesians 6:1, 2) "Children, be obedient to your parents in union with the Lord, for this is righteous. 2 
  • A short answer is, So you are human doing human things natural too us. You don't say if you are a guy or a gal. Parents are more protective of daughters than sons. They either remember how they were at your age and don't want you to follow in their paths or they refuse to remember. The Lord God put the natural desire for having sex in us. When we reach a certain point in our lives the harmons kick in giving us that natural urge. If you can get the book, "Divine Sex" by Philo Thelos it will explain it all from a Biblical point of view. For now do your best not to argue with your parents and don't talk back. Don't get in a shouting match. They are not going to kill you. Let them have their way then educate yourself by reading this excellent book I mentioned above.

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