• Oxyfresh mouth rinse has been miraculous for me.
  • Corsodyl mouth wash... You probably have gum disease...
  • if youre not kidding, maybe i can help.. --do this, put just a bit of colgate regular toothpaste on to your toothbrush, wet it, then brush your tongue, the farther back you brush without hurting yourself the better. do this 3times when brushing your teeth, brush your tongue 3 times for like 20 seconds each time... this works!!!
  • Sometimes this comes from your gut in which case anything you do in your mouth will be inadequate. eliminate all refined sugar and cut back on starches. Also avoid colas and minimize your processed food intake. Perhaps that will help.
  • Go out and live. It sounds like you have done every thing you can do about your breath. I would keep some tic tacks on you at all times. Bite one up before you talk to someone. You are probably so self conscious about your breath that you feel it is worse then it really is. I would not let the worry of it dominate your life. Good luck. +5
  • Have you seen a nutritionist? If the dentist isn't detecting a dental cause, and you are brushing properly, then it could well be your diet.
  • Its either your mouth or your gut. If your dentist says its not your teeth or gums then take a months course of probiotics too see if it helps, then start thinking about food intolerances, or ulcers. A dairy intolerance can make the breath smell really sour and 'rotten' like the bottom of a rubbish bin, but hypochlorhydria is the worst - that's when your stomach acid isn't acid enough - food doesn't break down properly and then foul gases can get past - it really is like breathing out deep poop breath. I only know this because a friend went on meds for an ulcer that were too strong and knocked the acid right out.
  • Have your stomach and intestines examined by an expert. Try a good colonic and change that diet. Eat clean raw fruit and veggies for a week. Lots of watermelon.
  • Keep flossing daily, that will help w/ your gums if something is there. Ok - go to a health food shop & talk to a nutritionist. They used to make peppermint gelcaps that you're supposed to swallow a couple of times a day so maybe they can point you in that direction.
  • Have you discussed this with your family doctor? It sounds like something in your stomach or digestive tract, and I think there are tests for this. One thing some people do if the bad breath originates from the mouth is to rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide and also use a strong mouthwash such as Listerine.
  • As some one already stated foul breathe does not always come from you mouth. It may come inside from inside your gut and its acetone breath, this may happen if say you haven't eaten in a while as you body is starting to work on acetonic bodies instead of normal glucose. Try eating in more regular intervals if you don't do it already, this might help... also it goes with out saying that you should stay away from heavy or smelly foods since they do not help your problem. Also you might want to carry around some Listerine strips with you. Lastly you should be absolutely sure this foul breath is not illness related. There are a couple of diseases that have a rather characteristic breath smell (say rotten apples/"sweet" smelling in Diabetic Acethoacidosis). Be sure to check out a physician if nothing takes your bad breath away. Hope this helps
  • Two more possibilities here: 1) It is mouth/teeth related. This requires killing the source: bacteria that are living off of something in your mouth and generating the "smell" as a byproduct. High powered antiseptic mouthwashes like listerine or its generic equivalent should do he trick. Apply multiple times a day as dentist recommends. 2) A genetic problem with your digestive/metabolic system. There are cases when predisposed people eat certain foods and they consequently smell something awful. Dead fish was one case that I had heard about. This person could not hold down a job because this smell was coming out of all their pores! A VERY strict diet change would be about the only hope. You get rid of the offending metabolites and the smell goes away. See a good nutritionist about this. Good luck in tracking this down. You have your work cut out for you.
  • listerine. if it is the stomach change your dietary habbits
  • You can also purchase an acid reducer for your stomach such as Pepcid (famotidine). Many big stores have their generic that work just as well.
  • Try taking peppermint oil capsules. It really helps and it also helps in digestion. +2

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