• On average twice, once to put on my eyeliner, once to take it off. I try and avoid my reflection at all costs
  • When I shave and when I brush my hair, otherwise I try not to look. When I was younger I think the answer would have been, "Countless times." so I must have been vain then. Come to think about it, I must still be vain and that's why I avoid mirrors.
  • Twice. Once in the morning and once at night.
  • Twice, when I shower at morning and night ...
  • As many times as I need to use the bathroom. It's unavoidable, I have to pass by the mirror/sink area to get to the toilet/shower area.
  • Twice. Once in the morning to check that all my facial features are in roughly the same place as they were when I went to sleep, and that I haven't become a human Picasso painting overnight. And once in the evening before I go to bed, to confirm that they haven't shifted during the course of the day.
  • More than twice I can say that. I don't see how some people can only look in it twice a day. Every time I pass a mirror I look in it, I thought everyone did, it's the normal thing to do... right?
  • I do mirror checks a few times a day, ya never know, and people won't TELL you!

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