• i only go about once a month, im not a big eater
  • Once a week, due to bread and milk. If not for that, my once monthly trip would suffice.
  • Once or twice
  • We don't have a real "grocery store" in our town, just a couple of "dollar stores" so I wait for the sales to start on Wednesdays, check out the sale papers and decide which town I want to drive about 30 miles one way to. Smith's is in one town, Raley's in another, and Safeway in another still. Sometimes I have to go to different stores on different to days to complete my shopping for the week.
  • Once a month then every day as needed.
  • I wish I could go every week! I get a ride to Aldi about once or twice a month. And a ride to Walmart maybe once every 6 mos. and Thrift store once a year? That's about it. I could go more often if I take a cab, but I'm too cheap/poor for that. And I could ask friends if I really needed something. But I try to make the options I have work. I eat the fresh first, freeze some, and keep a stocked pantry with things that will last longer.
  • 1-2 times

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