• Well, what CAN she do if she has no way to support herself right now? Does she have somewhere else to go?
  • What do you want her to do?? She had YOUR kids and is taking care of YOUR kids and that is why she doesnt work or cant support herself. It is your responsibility to support her until your children go to school or until she can find a job and you can pay for a sitter because I guarantee you she wont be making great money on the first job she finds. Think about it, wouldnt you rather you wife ex or not be at home raising your children to be well rounded and secure individuals rather then her get a job and have to work her ass off to be able to pay someone else to raise your kids and not even do half the job that she could have done? Help her out for as long as she needs it. After all she wouldnt be in this situation either if it wasnt for your co-operation in having those children. They didnt ask for yous to have a devorce and if all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes for them that will be a really big blow to them. And if they are still MINOR children they dont need to know that the world isnt nice anymore. Give it some time and try and work together for the sake of your kids.
  • I wonder why you are getting a divorce in the first place. You sound pretty selfish to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Easy.. You do the leaving or do you also want your kids out as well on the streets? I can just see all the nice, welcoming comments you'll get, but I have to warn you. Sympathy is between shit and syphilis.
  • I am wondering why you wish to separate the mother from the children, and what arrangements you have made for their care? Why not consider giving the child joint custody of you? The children need to remain in the home and each parent can live there for three weeks, than switch. Once a week the parent not in residence takes the children out to dinner. While in the home, the parent does not date or have overnight guests, other than relatives. On the off weeks, the parent rents a room, stays with relatives or friends, or they can split the cost of a one bedroom apartment that they share. The priority here is the children not having their lives disrupted by the choices of the parents. The parents' lives are equally disrupted and they split the cost of being in the home. If child support is ordered, both parents can pay into a trust fund that pays out to cover the children’s expenses. Anything over and above those expenses remains there to collect interest and goes toward a college education. When the children are grown, and completely out of the home, than the property can be sold or whatever the parents want to do with it. This is called Bird Nest Custody. The children remain in the nest and the bird take turns being there.
  • It's called alimony and child support. Get ready to pay up for a while. As for the house, one of you will move and that person will get a percentage of the increase of the value of the house which usually means that the staying spouse has to refinance to pay off the divorced spouse.
  • So, you wanna kick her out with the two kids? Nice guy! Wonder why she would ever wanna divorce you?
  • You can be ashamed of yourself for your selfishness.
  • i would let her stay and if you dont want to live with her then you can move out
  • I find it curious that a lot of the answers above indicate what a shit you are not knowing any of the circumstances. Anyway, how you get her out is either complicated or easy depending on your circumstances. What it comes down to is you need a court order.
  • This is a question you ask your divorce attorney. Who has custody of the kids? What child support or spousal support are you paying? You cannot throw your kids out on the street. Talk to your lawyer.

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