• You need to get your parakeet to a vet ASAP. They have very fast metabolisms and can die very quickly without professional help.
  • Is he falling off his perch? does he spend more time on the floor?
  • Has he run into anything recently when flying? The parakeet I had growing up ran into a glass candy jar at full speed and fell over, knocked out. He woke up soon and we put him back in his cage. For the rest of his life he would randomly get dizzy and start leaning, fall off his perch, and be on the floor of his cage for a few moments then would get back up and be ok. He could still fly normally when he was not having a dizzy spell. He lived to be 11 years old and the accident happened when he was 6 or so. Not saying that's what yours' problem is though.
  • It could be many things, he could be suffering from some kind of trauma, reaction to something toxic he has eaten or breathed in, or even if it's a hen, it could be egg-bound. I'd get him to a avian vet as soon as possible as little birds can die really quickly. Here's a link to good avian vets: In the meantime, keep him warm and absolutely no drafts. Makes sure he isn't under any kind of stress but stays quiet. Watch out for any other symptoms and be sure to tell the vet about them.

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