• I do agree. She already knew that woman was a little crazy, she should have taken someone with her when she went. She was probably to naive, maybe not stupid.
  • I am not going to call her stupid because God knows what Selena's killer would have done if she bought someone else. But honestly i think she made a smart decision to go on her own because she basically saved other people from dying (As i said if she would have taken someone else with her they could be in the ground at this moment also)
  • It would only have been "stupid." had she known ahead of time that she was going to get killed. She was naive, trusting and decent... Not stupid.
  • Because someone is a thief doesn't mean they are also a killer. When a person doesn't have these thoughts it's hard to think others do.
  • You can never know what the outcome of a second person being there would have been. Could have saved her, could have died with her, could have died instead of her. No way to know.
  • Selena never thought in her wildest dreams that that bitch would kill her how would she know that?
  • From what i remember seeing/reading, Selena trusted the killer. She was the President of her fan club. No one was expecting such a tragic outcome.
  • Your mom is nuts and crazy herself to think that the victim is at fault for anything. Tell her to go sit her ass in a courtroom for a day, and witness a trial of a criminal's attorney trying to get him or her off from punishment by saying that the victim was stupid to wear the dress she wore-she would not have been raped;or, the child should not of walked to the bus stop, or she would not have been kidnapped; or, do not leave your door unlocked because the ugly man would not have came in to kill your family. Then, go home after the trial, look in the mirror, and see who is stupid.
  • i think your mom is right

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