• It's just a normal evolutionary process.....The same reason why we don't live forever...we are born, age, then get old and die. Plants do it, food, trees etc. I don't think earth is going to be like mars and I don't know if Mars had life on it, but every planet goes through a cycle, it doesn't just appear and stay the same until it explodes or something.
  • The bible says God rested on the seventh day. This is still the seventh day, as the bible never shows a conclusion to it, and other scriptures talk about it too. God set a pattern for us to have the seventh day off, and for thousands of years, this pattern has been followed. Who knows what God has planned for the eighth day, and ninth, and so on and so on.
  • mars had a collision with a large object and then three huge volcanoes happened on the other side of mars that spewed up the guts of the planet and killed any form of life that might have existed on the planet. so far earth has lucked out on any such tremendous hit. the earth has had some very large strikes that has caused changes in the climate. we have had ice ages. and volcanic episodes in western usa for example. the size of the three volacanoes on mars far outweighs any little problem earth has experienced.

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