• Well here are some of the causes of Bad breath all the time. I highly doubt you have a tooth infection. Do any of your teeth hurt? Persistent bad breath can be caused by underlying medical issues, and should not be ignored. Persistent low-grade sinus infections, diabetes, liver disease, gallbladder dysfunction, and allergies are just a few possible medical causes. More often the source is anaerobic bacteria, hiding somewhere in your mouth. Anaerobic bacteria thrive and grow in an oxygen-free environment. They are often harbored in the grooves of your tongue and the pockets of your gums. Normal daily dental hygiene can’t get to them. Tooth decay and infection can also be the source of bad breath and cause a bad taste in your mouth. Gum disease (periodontal disease) is another common source. Mouthwash, breath mints, and chewing gum do not help Most mouthwash contains alcohol. Alcohol actually dries your mouth out, creating a more hospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria and making bad breath worse. Breath mints and gum don’t really improve your breath. They only cover or mix with the bad odor, and promote tooth decay. In the long run they contribute to, rather than reducing bad breath.
  • Yes,go see a dentist...
  • It could also be low stomach acid resulting in inproperly digested food. One symptom is acid reflux, often exacerbated by doctors trying to prescribe medication which lowers stomach acid further. There are supplements you can get at a health food store but you can also add an apple or two to your daily diet and also take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother and take in a glass of water. Of course this is just one possible solution if low stomach acid happens to be you issue.
  • If you have bad breath, usually the problem is in what you eat and your digestion, not your teeth. How is your stomach? Do you burp a lot? I would try to change my diet and eat healthier, less processed foods, more fiber, grains, veggies and fruits and 90ften that alone will solve the problem with regular brushing of teeth AND tongue.
  • A dentist told me once that if you are on a diet it can cause bad breath, all the stomach acids coming up or something. I heard that eating raw parsley can help breath problems and perhaps brushing your tongue. However, I see you have varied and comprehensive replies from others that all equally seem helpful too. Good luck, not a nice thing to have.
  • Try a tongue scraper or use dental floss to scrape your tongue. The farther back you can go the better off you will be. This can make a huge difference. Just be ready. If you don't do this regularly the stuff that comes off your tongue can be discusting! You can also find products at the dentist for people with cronic bad breath.
  • You could very well have an infected tooth. Better see a dentist.
  • There are numerous causes for bad breath (halitosis). Some are totally benign (other than the smell). Others can be a bit more serious in origin. You should get yourself checked out by a doctor to be on the safe side.
  • This post is long. it's information for some and annoying for others. But, I wanted to share my experience with whom wants to read and try to solve their issues. I had the same issue. Gums, mints, candies and foods sometimes covered the smell, only for a short time. Certain days, only certain flavors of gum will do a better job of covering the smell. I would open my mouth and could feel my breath. I would stand down wind when I spoke because I could actually smell it going here or there. I always spoke with my hand on my nose as if scratching it or what not to cover my breath. I thought it was pretty casual but I knew people knew what I was doing. I avoided many social outings, hadn't kissed my wife for years, I can lay in bed on our king size, her on one side and me on the other, just after brushing and when I speak, I can feel my breath (bad) going towards her. I know for some, feeling your bad breath doesn't make sense. But unless you experience what I speak of, you might not understand. I help my kids with homework from a distance. I know they all knew I had dragon breath. Just no one said anything. I had bad teeth. Few molars needed to get pulled and a few more root canals. So, I assumed it was the dental part. I have gone through this for 8+ years of covering up the bad breath. Different mouthwashes, tooth pastes, waterpiks, floss, everything you can imagine...almost everything. I'd have an appt to have one rotted tooth out, and a day after I was so estatic to have gotten rid of my cause for bad breath...didn't happen. Over and over again through the years, one dental issue resolve to another, just another let down, because I still had nasty breath. When the dental work was complete, still have a crown etc to do, I had finally got the courage up to talk to my dentist and tell him I had bad breath. He never knew..REally, he never did. I always made sure my breath was clean. I watched what I ate days prior, even brushed outside in car and brought in water bottle to hydrate and to hide smell. It works most of the time for at least 10-15 mins. I spoke under my breath and low, so he never knew. I thought this was strange, I was skeptical of his, skills now. I looked for a new dentist. But decided to stick with him anyway. He suggested the normal, brush, floss, watch my diet etc. He said he'd work with me and see what we can do. He thought it was my diet. We watched my diet for two weeks and I came back in and told him, it's not helping. He went back and looked at xrays, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. He did notice yellowing at base of my teeth, where he thinks it may be from acid, which I don't drink alot of soda so he felt it might be gerd, in other words...acid reflux. I told him he was way off base. I don't have heartburn. I went to my MD and he just gave me some heartburn meds and tried for two weeks. NOTHING, I tried it for anothe 2 weeks and still no improvement. I called my dentist, he said to go see a Gastroenterologists of a periodontist. I went to a periodontist first. It was embarrassing. The referral stated that,"patient complains of chronic halitosis." But, I didn't care anymore. If this was going to fix it...then let me be embarrassed in one office than in public everyhwere else. I sat there and waited. Seeemed like an eternity. Five minute exam...Your teeth and gums look healthy. A few cavities, but nothing that should cause real bad breath. Walked out, embarrassed and no results. He did say it could be inside...stomach, nose, throat etc. I took my dentists other suggestion and scheduled a Gastroenterologists appointment. Went there, spoke with the DR and told him the story. Asked if gerd could be the reason of bad breath...he said, possible, but with no heartburn symptoms, not likely. He suggested a esophagogastroduodenoscopy (ESG) which was two weeks out. I brought up what the Periodontist said about nose or throat and he said it might be a good idea to go to an ENT, ear nose and throat doctor. So immediately after leaving the office, I contacted my insurance company got ent office number and and made an appointment. Two days later, I told my ENT my symtoms, he immediately said remove tonsils. I was so happy to think this might be it. But so skeptical, all these other doctors knew nothing and this guy all of a sudden in two minutes had the solution? I don't think so. After a few more minutes of talking and "questioning," doctor told me 9 out of 10 times this will fix it. He also mentioned tiny little whitish balls that come out of throat and smells real real bad.. I said, yes! that happens to me. I was excited that HE explained to me what I was experiencing. He told me of his wife of 35 years and how her solution was the same as mine. They did everything like me, dentist etc. They were stumped and then they did Tonsillectomy and she was cured. He said it's real painful for a 35 year old adult to recover instead of a younger person. I did NOT care, If this was gonna make my bad breath go, I would do it ten times over. I waited two weeks for my appointment. This is 5 days post op and the pain is nothing to bad...not yet anyway. I do have a high pain tolerance, but can be a big baby as well. I am just looking at the positive. It hurts my mouth to brush. I brushed once since the operation and I saw blood. my breath, is not very pleasant now, but, prior to operation, my breath would smell 100 times worse even after brushing then the few days I have not post op. It's been a few days of not brushing and my breath is bearable. bad breath is one of the symtopms of this operation for the recovery days. I would say this operation is 10000 percent the fix for MY condition. I will let you know if it's the solution or not. First thing is. Dentist then Periodontist if need be. Eliminate the oral, teeth and gums issues. Then go see an ENT when those are resolved and if bad breath is still an issue. I would try the Gastroenterologists lastly. ENT's have more "conditions" that could be causing your bad breath. PND=Post Nasal Drip, tonsil stones, strep, and such. Good luck and hope you find a cure. I know how it feels. Been there, but not anymore! :) Good luck.
  • This is also called Halitosis. It's usually cause by poor hygiene. But you could have a throat infection, or maybe improper diet, maybe constipation, maybe having problems digesting proteins, or even excessive smoking. Try brushing your teeth and tongue after every meal. I'd change my toothbrush monthly as well. This will help prevent bacteria buildup. I'd also use dental floss, and a good mouthwash daily. I'd take some Vit C. This is a good detoxifier that can rid the body of toxins that can cause bad breath.

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