• The only thing you can do with people like that. Turn around and walk away. I'll support you if you want me too.
  • I am sorry that your friend turned her back on you! I am sure that you deciding to become an athiest was quite shocking to her, but I would think that would be something that she could move past. (If it has only been a short time, I would say give her more time) And if anything, as a good "Christian" she could have kept you as a friend to try to convert you ;) I would be completely hurt by her decision, but I guess you have to accept what people think of you if you make a life changing decision like religion...
  • Apparently she has move up to the right hand of God and can pass judgment on others.
  • I think if she was a true Christian, she'd still love you and be there for you, there's only one Judge.
  • It shows you what her true values are all about. I would feel sad, rejected and dismayed. I would also write her off as well.
  • She is very worried about you. She wants you to have the glory of the Lord. Why did you tell her and break her heart?
  • Dude, what a hypocrite. You don't tell someone you'll always be there then leave. Friendship is much deeper than religion to me. Beliefs may change but a friendship to me is a life long commitment. My friends are my family too Buddhist, Islam, atheist, satanic, who gives?
  • Tsch, religion before friends, eh? =( Religions supposed to comfort people, isn't it? Not cause all of these problems that it has been causing basically since it started. I bet you both are really nice kind people , and just because of one opinion shouldn't mean you can't be friends! =(
  • Unfortunately this is a very common thing. It happened to me too.
  • You will find out the hard way that most people do not respect Atheists. You respect her and she does not respect you so maybe you're better off without her.
  • yeah it would seem that a true christian would still love you and be a friend to you no matter what..even moreso now that you are an atheist (some christians think it is their job to "save" you from your fallen state)...I think christians like to talk the talk but not walk the's easy to care for and be a friend to other's harder to do so when it is someone that doesn't believe as you do...but that is exactly what a christian should be doing is still try to be your friend and care for you as a person regardless of your beliefs. Unfortunately this just isn't always the case..christians can sometimes want to disassociate themselves from others who don't believe as they do and sometimes think of you as an "enemy" and your rejection of christ as a personal attack on their beliefs..which is just silly because if god is so powerful he can fight his own battles and doesnt need the christians help..but then again that wouldn't be the only silly thing christians do in my opinion. It's a shame it happened but think of yourself as the better man in this situation, she should still be a friend regardless of your choices. you still took the higher road and tried to remain friends with her...her loss.
  • I'm disappointed that some people disgrace the whole Christian thing when quite a few of us follow what should be.
  • I would feel glad that she turned her back on me so I would no longer have to see her two faces.
  • That's really a shame. I'm a christian. I have friends who are atheist and friends who do the only holiday church thing and we all respect each others beliefs. I don't knock them because they don't go and I do. I don't try to force them either. I hate when people knock other people just because of ther beliefs. That's not what jesus taught. I know he ran into alot of people that didn't believe in him or God and he loved them just the same so, why can't we.
  • I think that depends on what kind of atheist you are. There are 2 kinds and there is a huge difference in the reactions you will get based on which you profess to be. one kind is the "I don't believe in theism" atheism. And there is the "I am against everything theistic" atheism. If you are the latter, you won't find many theists that will want anything to do with you because your stance is that you are against everything that they hold to have supreme importance. If the prior, you can still have many good friends that are religious but don't be surprised if they drop a "hey come to church this sunday" on you. Don't forget also that your friend might not realize the 2 types of atheism...she might have in her head that "atheism" automatically means you are AGAINST everything she believes in. If that is the case...a simple phone call and explanation might clear up your friendship and have you 2 talking again :) Salaam
  • Life is busy with complications enough as it is...what do I make for dinner....who's gonna notice my new dress without those shoes that I can't afford, .... should I leave the house with this pimple on my chin...Yikes, that's why I selected to avoid all politics and religeon as a real thingy, and focus on the more important issues, like deciding weather or not casmere smells when wet....
  • i am sorry that you have experienced this side of Christianity. unfortunately, when people belong to a church, they can become very cliquish, even elitist. it can be very "uncool" to have atheist friends. please know that there are Christians out there who will respect the decisions you make on your spiritual journey. i hope that you make many new friends to make up for this one. i have lost friends because of my beliefs as well, but now i am glad of it, for tolerance is a wonderful thing to have in a friend.
  • Well if anyone decided I was no longer worth their time I would feel I was better off without them.
  • I would feel upset that my friend walked out on me. That's not a very Christian thing to do.
  • A true "friend" stays with you no matter what. She probably wasn't really a friend after all, so although a bit sad, you might be better off.
  • A true Christian would pray for you and NOT judge you. A true Christian knows that the Maker/God is the judge, not them. You lost nothing.
  • What does the "vv" mean?
  • If she broke up with you because you became an atheist, then she's just 1 of those crazy people who needs converts in order to feel good. I'm sorry, she isn't worth it. I know it hurts, but let her go.
  • someone who can not keep their word is not worth your efforts. besides, friends are easy come easy go. someone wants to be a part of my life they are welcome if they can accept me for who I am... if they do not want to be friends with who I am then oh well, que sera sera. unless I take you as a wife then you really can't harm me by saying goodbye.

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