• I would say yes, if this story is correct(im not calling you a liar!), and he did threaten your life, then I would press charges. but then again, it is up to you
  • Oh yeah, you should. He threatened you with your life, after all! Couldn't you arrange some fakies, thugs who look like cops or from legal side, to threaten him against doing such nasty stuff. That would scare him and maybe he wouldn't do them. Maybe. But you should consider pressing charges. Throwin a TV at someone is outrageous.
  • I would talk to him when he's sober and see if he'll get help. failing that, press charges. Something needs to change or someone will get hurt.
  • Call the police. He threatened you at this point in the relationship, he won't stop doing so at any other stage. That magical wedding you want....not if he's there. Those kids you want....they might be attacked or worse. Don't let an abuser into your life regardless of their relation. He isn't you dad. He isn't even your s/o dad. He is the stepdad of someone you like....that doesn't give him the right to kill you nor does it exempt him from the law
  • Call the police immediately. Then find Al Anon in the phone book and go to a meeting. Take your Mom too.
  • First, solve this inherent problem of alcoholism through de-addiction techniques/ camps. Lot of religious and ngo's offer help free of cost. This would improve happiness and bonding in the family. Alternatively involve seniors of family and society to have check in this rash behaviour
  • he needs 2 learn a lesson, and he will not learn it if its aloweed 2 carry on with every 1 turning a blind eye! his 'punishment' might be theropy and help with his addiction and failing that he could be charged for his crimes! y should you (or any1 4 that mater) put up with his threats and violence, write a diary as evidence 2 show to the cops every time she does/says anything wrong. and the next time he gets angry and violent call the cops!
  • Abso-friggin-lutely. So much domestic violence goes unpunished and escalates because someone in the family doesn't want to see family behind bars. Would your SO's mother rather her hubby be behind bars for a night with $50 bail, or behind bars for life when he actually kills someone with a flying appliance? Put it this way - the man broke the law. Several laws it sounds like. When one breaks the law, there are consequences. If a two-year-old bites his friend, he gets a time-out. If a 50-year-old man throws a TV at someone, he needs a time-out too.
  • Yeah, press charges.
  • Do you live with him? So, momma doesn't want the police involved? If he kills you or your s/o, will she report it then? Of course you should press charges.
  • Let me ask you this - do you want to wait until he attacks one of your children before pressing charges? Did your children witness either of these attacks? Don't you think they should be spared any more of this? What your s/o's mother wants or does not want is irrelevant. This is common avoidance behaviour and it is dysfunctional. This man's behaviour won't change so the best thing for you to do is to protect yourself and your children from it . Never go to their home again, never have them come over to yours and call the police now to press charges for the incidents you have described here.
  • Yes. Domestic violence is the no. 1 reason for domestic assaults. Call the police, make a report and sign the proper warrants. You may not have a next time.
  • what the crap. even if you are stupid enough to permit abuse in your could anyone permit such distruction of property!?!?!?! or is it the other way around... either way, neutralize all threats be they foreign or domestic in what ever way possible.
  • i would call the police anyways
  • If you are a minor you need to call the police for your own protection. If you are an adult you need to move out today.
  • get the police involved anyways, thats what theyre for
  • i would press charges

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