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  • I imagine myself married to my current boyfriend.. and the thought of him cheating on me with 8 different women within our 13 year marriage would destroy me. It would be different if it were just one.. but 8? He would've absolutely known what he was doing and it would've shown that he had no ounce of guilt after the first time he cheated.. or the second.. or fourth.. no guilt or shame at all. He wouldn't be apologizing if I didn't discover his infidelity. My trust in him could never be earned back. If I had grown children that were already able to support themselves then I would without a doubt get a divorce. This is very heartbreaking, I'm terrible sorry for this experience you have to go through. I don't know how strong the bond the two of you have... if you would like to work things out with her then I would seriously consider a marriage counselor to try to resolve some of the tension and hidden feelings.. perhaps things will work out.. Good luck and God bless
  • she is not sorry? WOW what a piece of work you have there. I would not forgive one. if I being geneticaly programmed to have sex with any willing female have stayed faithful what could possibly justify her doing it?
  • I dont believe in adultry. First thing i would do is find out how many of my kids were mine.
  • I don't know. There's alot of numbers in there. You do the math: 13 years divided by 8 men minus 7 years you've been screwed out of while adding 6 kids. I almost flagged this under Do Your Own Homework;)
  • Waaaaaaah what a story. I feel for you. I too would be horrendously devastated if my just-married husband did that to me. I believe also that a marriage counsellor would do you more good that us on AB. Also, when my ex cheated on me and we broke up, my friends - old and new - were gold dust. Give yourself over to them. I know the pain must be... Good luck and bless you.
  • Your kids need you to work it out.
  • She doesnt respect you so why stay with her? You should also figure out how many of those kids are yours and how many are other mens...
  • um, i would go to a marriage counselor and figure it out. u hvae 6 kids, but then again ur wife slept with 8 men while u guys were married and she isnt sorry..
  • Were you at sea or something while she was making the rounds? Six kids!? Even if the oldest one is the offspring of the last guy, you can't afford to NOT stay together. You know, she could have slept with the whole barracks but you'll be the one paying. She wants to stay with you, so you stay with her. Get some counseling (demand it), because it would do both of you a world of good for her to accept what she did as being wrong and acknowledge it with an apology.
  • Klem insanity!
  • Not for nothing bro, but there's a good chance your wife might be a hooker. I'm just sayin'.
  • She's not sorry? Well, why not pay her the favor and sleep with 8 girls yourself. She's cheating so why not? I know it's not the best advice but I really can't believe she doesn't even feel guilty.... I understand you love her, but by also staying with her and letting her go on, without feeling sorry, she will just go out and have more kids with other men. She will just be stepping all over you letting you take care of all the household expenses and the kids. I would think the best thing to do is to get a divorce and help her raise your kids! The other dad's should take care of theirs.
  • She betrayed your trust and isn't sorry? That alone is reason to kick her to the curb. Reason number two? Your children learn how relationships work by looking at you and your wife. If you don't want your sons and daughters seeing and mimicking this behavior then you need to get them out of the environment.
  • If I were in your situation, I'd personally kill each of them in the order she first slept with them, finally killing her and myself. Of course, I'd never marry someone like that, so this may seem like a strange thing to do to you.

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