• I think if you look at a lot of old traditional civilizations they have cool symbols that might symbolize something important that relates to your life. For me i always like the Celtic tree of life or the trinity symbol.
  • I think the answer here is not something that represents you, but something that you identify with.. and have always identified with. If you love music, get something musical (not a band name or anything). If you love painting get something artsy. Well you get the idea. But you're wise not to get a name of any kind. For the most part those look tacky. The only names I've ever considered getting are the names of my kids. That's something that never goes away.
  • I am a reader so I am planning on getting two of my favorite book characters tattooed on me soon. The red queen and the white queen from Alice through the looking glass one on each shoulder to represent the classic depiction of the angel and the devil on my shoulders image... and the mouses tale down the center of my back, because I love poetry and I am an ex rageaholic.That would serve to remind me where I can from and never to be that way again. I already have birds and roses, because I love both. I have the lords prayer in aramaic script for obvious reasons... I have a Dendrobium orchid strand (Covering initials that never should have been put there in the first place.) I have an enigma that changes from one thing to another depending on how you look at it. It is either a question mark and/or a swan. It signifies the spaces between change/transformation and the unknown, to me. With mine as an example, you can see that I picked them based on very personal totems and beliefs. You should do the same so that is not something you can ask anyone else as no one knows you, but you...
  • How about something like a small ornate hand held mirror with your own image faintly reflected. Along the lines of this (minus the bat, lol)

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