• Uh huh. I'll just bet that *they* are making millions per year from their promotion, aren't they? And I'll also bet that they're not making that money on eBay.
  • My experience with this company has been nothing but a nightmare. They tell you that you will have an online business in no time making anything from 3K to 5K a month with only 5 hours a week of your time to invest. Chuck Mullaney is a trained scam-mer that knows how to pressure people by using aggressive sale techniques. He arranged a phone meeting stressing that my wife was present to go over the details. He basically bullied us into joining and then had me sign a contract that would give me no way out of it. The trick is that they wont do anything until they have this contract in their possession. Once they have it, they got you trapped. They never tell you that in order to create the website you need a legitimate business license and then they try to sell you other business services that they consider necessary. The catch is that that is going to cost another 2-4K. The way it works is that a web site is build and then you choose a product you want to sell on it. The selection and quality of this merchandise is very poor. The training is scheduled with a phone tutor that was never able to keep the phone sessions on time. If a call was scheduled at 1 P.M. I would be waiting by the phone anything from 15 to 30 minutes, the last time there was a call hours later. In a nutshell, now I found myself fighting to get my money back from them, yes 6K! Do your self a huge favor and stay away from Creative Wealth Alliance. Believe me they have figured out creative ways to make their wealth by figuring out how to legally ripped people off.

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