• They need to change this behavior. This problem is them I learned. Mature people don't answer rude. I soon will ask questions.
    • Linda Joy
      I look forward to seeing them!
  • To be fair - I wouldn't say "all of those (people)", because in reality we're pretty much talking about "one" very snarky, rude, troll type person who hasn't got enough imagination to ask ANY kind of questions at all, and I mean zero questions. This is a person who bitches constantly about this site, the questions that we ask, and the answers that we give. Yet day after day this person returns to dish out more of her venomous comments without even answering most of the questions asked. So that leaves a few important questions. First- why would a person, who hates this site so much, keep coming back ? A person of any intelligence would just roll on down the road and find someplace else that suits them better. Right ? What motivates a troll who needs to be the cowardly, anonymous keyboard commando who lashes out with unnecessary words of hate ? This person, sounds to me like someone in desperate need of therapy. I don't know what made you like this, and You Know Who You Are, so go get yourself the help that you need !!!
    • Linda Joy
      One presently, but there have been others.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I agree,but I thought they needed a friend,so I followed,however,you are both correct on the bad attitude of this person. It needs to go!
  • I really don't care about that. I find it amazing that someone people will just "answer" a ton of question with simple answers like "I don't know." Why even bother answering then? Or ask the same question ten different ways to keep their name on the leaderboard. I'm sarcastic many times and honest always. I get that some are just here to be a pain in the ass. Those are the ones I ignore.
    • Linda Joy
      That leader board is a joke! This site has so few participants anyone whose asked over maybe 30 questions can be put on that board by anyone who spends a little time liking and answering their questions! I've done it myself. ..3 times!! The first two were on accident! There have been people on that board who haven't been here in at least a year! So everyone who thinks I'm here for that worthless board is deluded! I ask questions . Sometimes they are misunderstood so I reword them. And then sometimes it leads to another thought. You know what? I get more answers in my own Q&A group anyway and there is no stupid leader board! They're smarter too! Maybe I can ask one of these users with 20 accounts to keep you on the board for the next 6 mos or so, so everyone can accuse you of such stupidity!
    • Linda Joy
      Also I've noticed there are people on this site with limited thinking ability and probably have a learning disability whom people seem to like to bully. I guess it just all depends on your perspective. Thank you for showing me yours and giving me the opportunity to explain mine.
  • i think they need to stop insulting your questions
  • not much
  • Some people are just pricks. They can't seem to help it. They just have a need to be rude and offensive. Report them and move on.
  • I think there are them that ask questions, them that answer questions, and them that do both.

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