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  • Jump out the window if you are on the ground floor, or else, get rid of the weed.
  • That is a tough one. I've had to ask my wife to slow down on occasion, and sometimes even just refrain. I explained to her that because of my asperger's syndrome and blood pressure issues sometimes I actually need quiet time. Fortunately she understands and does not take it personally. We agreed on a system for indicating that I needed quiet, one that would let her know that I'm not irritated with her, but that my mind was racing and needed time to calm down. Open communication is the only way to get through it.
  • We live in the SAME worlds! I have a car pooler who will talk nonstop through the 50 minute trip AND will accuse me of interrupting when I try to get a word in. I wonder if they know--they talk too much?
  • Invest in a really solid pair of head phones. Then just tell him you can hear him and nod every once in awhile even though you can't.
  • Tell him in a gentle way what your needs are.
  • I have a guy that talks too little. Be thankful... But I do understand it can be exhausting... Try to let him know that it's not him or what he's saying, that you are just the type of person that needs to process things.
  • Buy some earplugs, sit there and smile and nod where appropriate. I speak from personal experience my wife does that to me. She wears the earplugs because I don't shut up.
  • Just tell him you need quite time, I will talk for so long (1/2 hour, hour, etc), after that it will have to wait until later.
  • Relationships are about more than just yourself. You both should work together in every way you can; this problem can be fixed my talking to him first, before anyone else. There are always little things that bug you, you have to get over it. If it's too big, you talk to him. If it's part of who he is, and you don't like it, then he isn't the one for you.
  • figure
  • Go up to him and lock his lips with yours...then, still with your lips on his, but with your eyes open and a smile in your voice say "Sssshh!"
  • Uh, you're lucky....stop complaining!!!
  • I'd just start undoing his pants to bob the knob
  • You are so lucky my dh never talks he just looks at me!! does he talk alot even during love making if so let him talk-you scream---you get your frustrations out because he talks so much and you have a good time----everybodys happy!! :)
  • Not to play devils advocate, but so many woman would give their right arm for what you have. Do you know how many ppl complain that their s/o won't talk to them? Maybe instead of trying to change him - attempt to really get connected to him within his conversation. We had it reversed...when hubby would come home I'd JUMP all over him when he got home. We figured it out eventually - now, I give him "cave time" when he comes home, let him breath, etc. before I launch into what went on in my world, and get what went on in his. Maybe that's what's needed? When you or he comes home - you both go to mutual corners first for at least a half an hour...then you guys can talk unlimited etc? All in all - I'd talk to him. Tell him you LOVE to talk to him, and that you love that he wants to talk to you, but you need to come to a compromise?
  • Find someone quieter. This won't last.
  • If he just goes on and on then it's not really a conversation, is it? And he gets "all hurt"? There's something odd with that, IMO.
  • swop roles....
  • maybe you should get your own place
  • youre so lucky to have a boyfriend, guys wont even ask me out
  • maybe you should move out

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