• There is usually some kind of code you need to enter so you would need to know your TV manufacture (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung...)and then call the cable company and ask them the steps (letting them know your TV Brand). Sometimes it's pressing the volume button at the same time as another function button or something. Then you need to enter the code that will work with your TV. However, not all cable boxes allow you to do that. Best to check with Comcast and ask for their tech department.
  • My guess is your TV is a Daewoo... and in my personal experience (i've probably programmed over 1000 remotes), those tv's never lock up to comcast universal remotes. If you want to give it a shot though... press the TV button once, then press and hold Setup until the light blinks twice... then input the code from that matches with the manufacturer of your television. Again... most daewoo's don't work with the remotes, but if it does... good for you.

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