• YES, they will mate if they are not neutered... sister and brother, mother and boy, they will mate. So if you keep the kittens have them neutered.
  • They may mate, but even in the world of cats and dogs, siblings don't mate as often as with unrelated pairs.
  • Yes, they will mate and the boy kitten will be able to mate with his mother and sister when only 5 months old. When we got our lasts cats, a mom and her son. As soon as she came into heat, when he was not even 6 months old, he was trying to do it. So we separated them and got them both fixed as soon as possible. If you can't afford a higher priced vet, ask around for low cost clinics as you might be able to qualify.
  • I don't think so (do you know how old a female cat has to be to have kittens?)
  • most animals don't discriminate between relatives and strangers when it comes to mating. Spay/neuter or your animals and help stop pet overpopulation.

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