• Continued: 3 days after i stop taking pill i get a period Sorry if it's TMI but it was a medium/heavy flow but didn't have...."the clots" like mine usually do when they're heavy and last for 5 days.It was over by the next night no more bleeding after. Thinking it was done i put the pregnant idea out of my head.... Now almost 2 weeks later my symptoms are still here sept I've actually gained weight and am visibly bloated, breasts are so tender i can't sleep on my stomach. 6 negative pregnancy tests 2 which i took yesterday and the day before.... I'm at a major loss...The idea of pregnancy is starting to put a sparkle in my eye and ANY advice or opinions would be great( oh already have a doc's app for tomorrow...I jsut wanan go in with my head held high :)
  • Hey just updating for anyone who may come across this and is having the same problems i had. Upon seeing my doctor he told me I had a "stomach bug". For 3 and a half weeks I had a stomach bug that didn't cause diarrhea or vomiting, made my breasts larger and more tender and caused head aches, dizziness and mood swings. He said he'd give me another pregnancy test and some other blood work just in case. Leaving the doctors office and walking to the labs. I look at the piece of paper for my tests and he had prescribed another urine.... After telling him i had taken 6 HPT's all neg one of which I did two days before seeing him. I broke into tears (which lasted for 2 hours) I went back 3 days later to have the physical he wanted me to come back told me all my tests where negative (big shock there! -.- ) and that my breast tenderness was being cause by too much fatty foods...or chocolate...or alcohol/drugs.... I'm very against drugs and alcohol. I'm allergic to chocolate and I haven't changed my diet at all to include more "fatty foods". I still have all my symptoms all though I'm not nearly as bloated. I admit I'm probably not pregnant... but i still can't belive the doctors excuses for how i'm feeling.

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