• It might be fun, you never know. Fate is funny like that.
  • no i live in California:)
  • hope you dont see your dad!
  • Wise decision? Look, you will just ask someone out on a date, not ask them to marry you. Go ahead! When you don't like them, it would be easy for you to stop seeing them.
  • Im sending you pictures right now!
  • No, don't. He could be someone you really wouldn't want to go out with at all. Get to know the guy a little first, somehow, k? Good!
  • hahaha. no.
  • Not in my neighborhood. There's Mel across the street. He retired about 30 years ago. He can still almost make it to the mailbox and back in one trip. Then there's Mr. Get-The-Hell-Off-My-Lawn, two doors down. I don't know his real name. He's bow-legged and pissed off all day long. He has 7 cats. I think maybe you would have liked Jason down the street. He's young and attractive...and a convicted car theif and arsonist who is doing seven hard, upstate. I think maybe you should generally review the person you're going to ask out. Just my two cents.
  • Go for it. Sounds like fun. Let us know how it works out. Just meet the guy in a public place for your first date.
  • I once heard a radio news report about a man (I believe in England) who decided that he would answer "Yes" to any invitation given him for a whole year. He had some interesting adventures and met some nice people. So, who knows? Maybe the next guy you meet will be great. Maybe he'll be a putz. Either way, you'll probably have some good stories to tell. Good luck. . . .
  • Depends on if your sure who you'll see next. Be careful.
  • Nope you may regret it.
  • Do it when you are in a room full of doctors :)
  • No that's a bad idea. What if the next guy you run into happens to be your crusty old diseased maintenance man or something?
  • sure why not take a chance! be spontaneous u never know what u might end up with could be a great story or a great life descision it only a date u dont have to marry the guy!
  • As long as this isn't the next guy you see;)
  • I think I understand what appears to be the noble intent behind your decision, but... NO. For various OBVIOUS reasons, this is not a good idea.
  • As long as you aren't related to the next guy you see.
  • I kind of like that idea. But you may get shot down because they are hooked up or married. Just be careful to not be arrested for prostitution. Are you going after those college guys?:)
  • If it was me, I'd be flattered! But I'm married and you'd have to live with the memory of my rejection burned into your mind as you wept a salty river of tears of despair.
  • He could be an axe murderer..a serial rapist..a pedophile..a maniac. He could also be a saint, sweetie pie, all-around good guy. I don't know what the odds are which one you'd get...I'm not that brave! Happy Friday! :)
  • I think you know the answer to thi question.
  • as long as he doesnt see you first and run
  • it wouldn't be if you are a guy
  • I'd refrain from that idea if i were you. How about asking out the next nice, handsome, polite man you see? That would be much better =D good luck!!
  • (I'm starting with points to everyone. I just thought this would help counter the BIG, FAT, DIAPER WEARING, TROLLS out there.) I would say sounds fun, just make sure he isn't married (because even a marrid guy might say yes) and make sure he's not a TROLL! LOL.
  • Ummm... I would advise against it. But, when it comes to romance, I'm a bit of an idealist. I think that love is not the sort of thing to be taken lightly - that affections shouldn't be taken out on the street and thrown at the first person you see. I think a person's heart deserves more respect than that. Really, that's what this boils down to. Your heart. When relationships go sour, it's the heart that suffers. When you find the one person you can love forever, it's your heart that swells with pure joy. So, in matters of the heart, I think some consideration is warranted. I'm sure there are people in your life that wouldn't mind going out to coffee with you - and I'm sure you'd have more fun doing that, than trying to acquaint yourself with a complete stranger, and appraising the likelihood of a relationship working out.

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