• you need to finish the sentence so we can answer you
    • bluelobster
      Sorry about that it deleted half of my question
    • bluelobster
      Ok for some reason it?s not letting me say lesbian
    • pearllederman
      i wouldnt ask her that
    • Linda Joy
      Its not letting you copy in symbols that are not recognized by the text editor. Type it in and you should have no problem. If you absolutely must cut and paste it in take out the special characters and reinsert them. That usually means apostrophe, foreign characters, quotation marks, percentage sign etc. Sometimes when it sees a character it doesn't recognize it stops at that point.
  • Take some pictures.
    • bluelobster
      What do you mean by take pictures?
    • Linda Joy
    • Majik-1
      REAL lesbians don't want some dirty old bastid gawking at them. It's something very personal & PRIVATE!!!
  • No. It's no one's business.
  • No. If you're a lesbian wanting to know tell her about someone you like and check her response. If you're straight, talk about guys and check her response. If she doesn't respond maybe she doesn't want it out. I had a friend once and suspected she might be, so I asked her what type of guys she found attractive. Long story short she had a lesbian daughter and was trying to find out how I felt about that before introducing her to me. So I wouldn't assume, but wouldn't flat out ask it like that either.
  • None of your business unless she decides to tell you!
  • If you are interested in the girl, let her know. I have been in relationship with women that also love women. I never questioned or labelled them. Perhaps because I don't like labels. And besides sexual orientation is secondary to me being naturally interested in someone. Hope this helps.
  • Are you interested in her?
  • No. Besides, it might double the fun.
  • I don't see why not if you like her.
  • NO...If she felt comfortable telling you you'd already know!!! Subtly flirt with her & see how she responds. If she's into you, she'll let you know. If she's not then it doesn't matter!!!
  • Yes. I wasted lots of timer once with a girl who was one and refused to tell me until it was too late. You can also tell by her dress: overly masculine or feminine. Does she say "I want books by female authors, or I want songs by female singers." Does she get jealous if you star at a girl. If so she's gay.
  • Why do you need to know?

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