• When I was 16 I took the GED and passed it to get out of school, got a job and filed and received emancipation by my 17th year. Of course I had been shipped back and forth between my parents due to abuse while growing up, having all of that paperwork to demonstrate the 'raw deal' I had curried the judges favor. My having a job, and having passed the GED with a 3.9 demonstrated that I was more than able to take care of myself. It was kind of a mandatory thing for me to have a license by 16, I already had a farm permit to drive the tractor when I was 14 - we kids on the farm got to drive earlier on the farm, and between fields - a tractor, not the car or the truck - LOL. I reckon for you things are just a bit different, no tractors... I can't think of a single reason why a 19 year old needs to run away from home. At age 19 you are legally an adult and are allowed to leave the nest on your own - no need to 'run away'. You can join the military - there are careers to be had in and after your tour of duty. in fact there are GI loans and other programs for military people which you might find to be to your advantage. There is college - I took many classes - never could decide on a major and a minor, but it was worth the time and effort to learn new things. 'running away' to get a license and apartment requires money. If you do not have a job then you do not have money. Trust me, no one will hire you if you do not have a residence. No one will rent to you if you do not have an income. I do not know what the problem is between you and your parents. I would think that your parents would help you to get a job, a license and what not if you acted like an adult or reminded them that you are an adult in an adult manner. Get a job flipping burgers. I understand places that have you say 'do you want fries with that?' pay far better than the slave wages for the 12, 14, 16 hours a day in the tobacco fields that I was paid when I was younger than you. Probably lot easier too.
  • Hi Miki10, I would at this day in age try to work something out with your folks till you get a job first.. the streets are not a nice place to live..I understand you about controlling or otherwise over protective parents...and yes I live under the same cercumstances..but with a best to you and hope you find something that you can handle.
  • First you have to set a goal for yourself, wheather its moving out, getting your own apartment or whatever. Then start job hunting, at 19 you have no work experience so be realistic. That can change later as you start to mature and get work experience and know what to pursue. So, get working so you can open a bank account and save every penney you can. If you figure you need a thousand to live on for a month, save twice that amount, or $2000.00.( Could be more or less) Mind your parents, and hope you can live rent free so you can save quicker. Be nice to them and do your share or even extra share of chores. After all, they are your parents and right now because of your situation you have no choice. So be nice and loving to them. Whatever you do, reach that 1st goal first, then you are on your way. Good Tidings and Be Strong>>
  • First, realise that you do not legally need their permission to move out. I would try to get a job and save up first. Check into applying for college. There are grants and student loans available, and whatever is left each quarter or semester is yours to spend on whatever you need. You would still need a part time job likely. Some schools will even help you get a student job with them to help you out. There are also public assistance program that can help you with living expenses and other things. Not exactly welfare, but it helps get you on your feet. Or look for a roomate situation, that would help save money. I hope your situation is more just that your parents don't want to let you grow up and not something abusive. If it is just because the don't think you are mature enough, take initiative and get a job, or enroll in college. This will show them that you are making mature, adult decisions. If you can get them to be supportive of you, it will be much easier to either get through college or to save money from a job to get the things you need before moving out. If you post an answer here telling us more about your situation, we may be able to offer better advice.
  • I am in college right now but my parents don't trust me b/c I got into a bad relationship so they want me closer to home and not to date anymore and to just study 24/7. My mom seems like she doesn't want me to grow up and make my own decisions b/c she doesn't want to see what'll happen this time.
  • go stay in a shelter if you dont want to stay with them, also, resorts will take in the homeless, i know cause i used to work in those places
  • If you're 19, you're not running away. You're an adult which means you can act like it.

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