• Building snowmen, snowball fights, snowboarding, skiing, that one where you were the tenis racket looking things on your shoes xP
  • i don't know how cheap it would be for you but last year we rented a cabin for the weekend from the forest service. You have to buy your own food but you have to eat anyways. Then you can go sledding in the hills and not just in your yard.
  • Ice skating, building a snow fort, broom ball, bandy, ice hockey, snowball fight (maybe not for younger children)
  • snowman building snow angels roast marshmellows on the stove cut out paper snowflakes string popcorn wreaths make orniments with household items cloth string paint ect
  • Assuming its near Christmas time I always like to drive around and look at the decorations-especially if you have a really tacky neighborhood near by!
  • Since I hate decorating for the holidays, I have recruited the entire to help. I like to spend the first few weeks of December getting all of the Christmas decorations up. Then we go out together to get the tree. Also, we do a lot of cooking, baking and candy-making together. Everyone helps even Hubby. I like to make a list of all of our neighbors and the kids put plates of goodies together and deliver them gradually throughout the month of December, crossing each one off the list as we go along. Then we all spend the month of January packing up the Christmas/winter decorations. When it's all done, we celebrate the end of the season with a big family carpet picnic which usually consists of junk food and goodies, while we watch a movie together. It sounds corny, but even the older kids look forward to this tradition every year.
  • getting trashed
  • depending on where you live and how packable the snow is, take buckets and build snow castles instead of sand :)

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