• Hey first with the loosing of the eyesight and now being along at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You're having a bad day, cheer up.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not me. I'm asking so I can help others. I'd have to rely on the blind rehab at the VA hospital if I lost my sight. And I'm not usually left alone at holidays either, even if I try! But I'd like to know how to help others and these are a couple things I haven't had much experience with, so I don't have good advice to give. C'mon you're smart! I know you can come up with an idea or two!
  • Someone with extra time on their hands could do a personal research project. Maybe, pick out a couple of things they
  • Go to your local casino and eat and have fun.
  • Go get a bunch of movies you haven't seen before and watch them. Then get a candy or Ice cream you love but its too expensive to buy every day and eat it.😌

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