• not yet
  • Didn't know they had one. I have looked at and placed ads on a free local trader site. Its not trash. I gave away an extended baby gate that worked perfectly after mgs no longer needed it. I like getting stuff for free and saving it from the trash.
    • Wakko
      The free section of craigslist for my area is full of listings of trash with pics. NO ONE would want it!!! Most of it is on the curb, which means full of mice. Enjoy your new roommates. :P
  • I have...Some of the furniture (especially the mattresses) made me itch just looking at their pictures.
    • Wakko
      I found a chair on there one time close by. It was very clean, and in a clean home. I brought it home and that night mice started their exodus.
    • Azlotto
      Yikes!...I guess it could've been worse than mice, like venomous snakes.
  • I did the other day. Mostly trash found one good thing - maybe.

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