• possibly if that person just won't leave you alone and that's what you want but of course depends on the situation
  • Yep..pour the gas and strike the match..walk away :)
  • I was never one to burn a bridge or even building a wall in any relationship situation. I like to hold unto hope that all things can be worked out.
  • It would depend on how the relationship ended. I have burned very few bridges in my life, you never know when your path will cross that way again. Great question Doggie. :)
  • In some cases, yes. I could care less if I ever talked to my ex again. My ex still would like to be "friend." I think my ex is finally starting to get the message and leaving me alone. Thankfully, we live hundreds of miles apart.
  • im generally against burning bridges. one its bad karma, and two, if you should ever end up dating someone who knows that person, you are screwed.
  • hmmm... my last relationship needed the bridge to be burned no chance return meetings :)
  • With over 3 billion people to choose from, it's silly to go back through your reject pile. But there's no reason to go away mad, just go away.
  • I wouldn't say I believe in burning the bridges, but if a relationship has truly ended, the bridges break away on their own. The only exception would be if you need to see the ex in day to day life for unavoidable reasons, but I have never been in that situation. There's been no need to keep in contact with them.
  • immediately after ending relationships, i believe it is better to alienate yourself from the other person, to give both parties time to heal and breathe, and then you take it from there ...
  • Usually I would say that burning bridges isn't necessary because obviously there are things in common with this person or you wouldn't have had a relationship with each other. BUT... sometimes the relationship is destructive and blocks you from moving forward with your life, in these case I'd pour the kerosene and strike the match.
  • Not if I can help it! If you were with the person for a long time then you have both grown and changed together and have expirences that only you share it would be horrible to lose all of that for no good reason, that being said however sometimes there are no alternatives and you have to just cut and run...
  • No. Sometimes i can build a better stronger bridge with the remnants of old bridges, so i like to keep the pieces, just in case i can build something wonderful with them :)
  • Well its happened to me involuntarily. So yea.

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