• not sure, i dont eat sandwitches much
  • I'm an ingredient purist, but I'll take any of them down the line. But, yes, a hot dog or a burrito are technically sandwiches. So is a gyro.
    • Linda Joy
      I have trouble seeing a Pop Tart as a sandwich. Then again it's hardly acceptable as a nutritious breakfast either! If a Pop-Tart can be a sandwich or breakfast then why not a cannoli or a chocolate eclair for that matter? LOL
  • It's a bit subjective. Legally speaking, anything "wrapped or placed between two layers" can be classed as a "sandwich". So technically a "penis burger" where you wrap your tesicles around the penis and bend back the flaccid penis, could be called a "sandwich". Though one you'd only want to share with someone who has no penis.....

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