• Wholeheartedly. My 4 YO and I are reading "James and the Giant Peach" right now...a chapter every night at bedtime. I frequently purchase books for my husband and read to the baby everyday as well. Reading is FUNdamental! :)
  • Always... But just you try and get them to read anything beyond the clues and instructions on the gameboy these days. I really wish they had reading programs for Gameboy advance...
  • An answer to my own question - (no points necessary_ - just as a pointer to another way this question might go. Often we think of "encouraging reading" to YOUNGER people. Do you ever do that .. for OLDER people .. even ELDERLY people in your family?
  • Both my husband's family and mine were big on reading and it's something we both continue to do and recommend doing it well to others.
  • encourage it here & there by mentioning it or even doing it, but don't shove it down their throats (especially children). they may do it while under pressure, but in the future it will stop their desire to read on their own.
  • Yes, I have always felt that a love of reading is an important thing to have, and now that I am a librarian I take that mission a lot more seriously. I read to my almost three year old every night, and it has become our routine that after I've finished a book, she'll take it from me and "read" it to me, describing whats on each page and telling me what she remembers from the story. I keep my elderly mother-in-law well stocked with her favorite genre, the light funny mysteries. Lately I have been trying to get her to branch out, and I've been bringing her other types of books. My husband works two jobs and doesn't have much time to read, so I bring him all the political satire and biographies on CD that I can get my hands on, for him to listen too on his 30 minute drive to and from work every night.
  • No, I lend family members books and demand they read them.
  • I encourage my young son to read and he loves to do it. How? I ask him to read to me and I buy him books whenever I can.
  • Yes reading has always been encouraged in our family. I still have all my fathers library as well as all my own collection. Most in store at the moment.
  • Yes I do. I taught all three of my children to read by the age of 3 only by leaving a little phonics golden book laying out on a table. I encourage reading and learning at all ages!!
  • My youngest niece is in the first grade this yr, she was adopted by my sister at birth (her birth parents were both on drugs & alcohol) so she has had a few problems but doing pretty well considering. Last yr when she started kindergarten I started getting her books, I picked them up at the second hand stores etc, the kind that have hard pages, lots of bright colors and cute stories. Up to this point she didn't like books, but because Aunt NeNe brought them to her that made them different, so every weekend since I have taken her some and she has since learned to read. Her Mom and big sisters have been reading them to her every night. there had been some issue that she might have trouble learning to read, so we were so happy when she picked it up.
  • Yes all the time. I recommed books for to my parents which they they can get rid of the whole job day stress and that they can be aware of other aspects in life. Some of the books i encouraged were Mutant Message Down Under, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Timeline, The Closers.
  • Yes, I do encourage reading. I have a large library at home, hence no one around the house can avoid seeing books in almost every room. That doensn't even make it necessary to say: "Go, read something!" The books themselves do it.
  • I LOVE reading ever since I was little I always love to read. How we were really pushed into reading was setting goals of how books you wanted to read and if you reached them we were rewarded by getting more books (believe it or not). Letting kids look for their own books excites them even more.
  • Absolutely and unequivocally YES! YES! YES! My husband & I have read to our children since they were very young; they're in their teens now, and we still read a book to them, from time to time. (It helps when one of your child's 'love languages' is to be read to.) We've let them buy Scholastic Books at school (though the quality of choices seems to have severely dimmed); we frequent used & new bookstores; we 'honor our books' by having built-in bookshelves (they're almost done... ); they see us reading often; we have a library with quite a variety of genres & subjects, and on and on. **sigh** (Happy sigh!) I think I'll sign off now, do some work, & then read a bit...
  • I started reading to my daughter from about age one then as she went to preschool and learned to read I let her read to me then we read to each other and if I bought a book for me I'd buy her one. She loved picking out a book. She was a reader from the get-go.

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