• i spend a lot of time on yahoo answers helping kids with their family problems, hopefully thats benifited the next generation
  • I just had to put a new electric water heater in and sacrificed my neurological and my back pain that started with 1998 surgery. I don't think it would benefit any generation. Heah heah heah for real. Just as well laugh as to cry.
    • Linda Joy
      do you mean you're sacrificed your pain medication? I'd gladly give up my pain for free!
    • Rick Myres
      Nope, drs think I deserve the pain because I had surgery.
  • Good question Linda Joy. I think my influence on my nieces and nephews shows in how they relate to their children, That there's much more to life than work, and time-with family more valuable than gold. My sacrifice is having no children of my own, and that we all can potentially be happy with very little.
    • Linda Joy
      was it an intentional sacrifice or did it just turn out that way?

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