• Hmm! Happy right here and now!
  • Yes, of course there's the old "if I could do it over" list, then there's the hypothetical stop/kill [evil doer or event], and finally the "three wishes" which is essentially pre-knowledge. Sadly, until someone can prove Einstein wrong, you'll end up in a black hole forever.
  • With our limited knowledge of the universe there is no way to know for sure exactly where the earth was or will be at any given time. So transport would likely leave us floating somewhere we thought the earth would be but wasn't or won't be. And after watching Frequency I wouldn't want to try and correct a wrong for fear I might make it worse! I have no wish to go through life again. I've paid my dues and almost reached my reward. I'm ready to die, and the way this world is headed I have no desire to see the future! So no, thank you.
  • yes! back to the 1970s in britain, a true golden era.😉
  • Back to when I was a teenager
  • Yep, to my childhood days, as it is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable phases of life. You associate your childhood with beautiful memories, fights with your siblings, mischief with friends, playfulness from dawn to dusk and etc.

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