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  • All that stuff about your dependence on affection and not wanting to seem like a particular type of person are just making noise without adding any value. Relax. You're a human being. You want to be loved, like any normal human being. But, anything you think you need in order to be happy will be a problem... it doesn't matter what it is. Some people are addicted to success, some to alcohol or drugs, some to being right, some to excitement, you're addicted to feeling loved. No problem. Unless, of course, you think you should be some other way, and expend endless volumes of energy trying to "fix" yourself. It is true that no amount of someone loving you will ever make you feel whole -- that has to come from within. On the other hand, "beating this addiction" will ALSO not make you feel whole. So relax and be yourself, and start asking the question "well, what does it mean to be myself, and where does feeling complete and satisfied come from?". Spend 5-10 years on that question, and don't worry so much about whether you're defective or not.
  • You need time to work on yourself. Although you miss her company and the wild sex, you just need to chill for a bit. Spend a little time with yourself and your own thoughts. Meditate on your life, be thankful for all the good things. Why don't you just become a better man and then perhaps she will want you back?
  • I totally agree with Sheriff Raff and HasntBeen: work on yourself first, then get a girlfriend. I know it may be hard to understand what we're saying now, believe me, I went through the same thing. It took me two tries with a guy before I realized that other people can't be the source of your happiness. MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY FIRST. As a girl, I can tell you, most of us like guys that are happy, confident and healthy alone and in a relationship. The only way not to seem needy (sadly) is to not contact her for a long while. Give yourself about 30 days of no contact, this will make you stronger.
  • why dont you just go find someone who loves to give you affection?

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