• Perhaps these kinds of things are an Asian cultural taboo? I am not sure. Maybe she is just big on privacy. We are glad you know all about these normal bodily functions now.
  • Not to usuall. How old are you? I get the feeling this is still going on today. There is no shame in being young.
  • I don't know what normal is, but, that can't be good. It causes far more problems for both the parents and the kids if the parents aren't open about things.
  • Maybe a bit too anal. I don't see any balance with what you've told me. Imbalance isn't so good. It gives a person the impression that nudity is wrong and should be avoided at all costs, like a shameful thing. Ridiculous! I am glad things are SOOOOOO much better now.
  • The sanitary pads in a commerical..I think that its a bit too..uptight for your mom to change the channels. I think that parents needs to educate their children or teens about sex. Parents needs to provide some sort of info and some guidance. She makes it seem like sex is an awful thing, to be shameful of. Your mom may be old-fashioned. But sex is nothing to be ashamed of, its normal. Maybe she feels that sex can get in your mind or that you would have sex once you kow about the female anatomy?
  • For some people, yes apparently it is the way they normally act and think. Not being exposed to the things around you and reality can be a bad thing though. I had no info. about women/girls and their differences from boys and female functions from my folks and at school. I had older cousins and friends that taught me. They had it all wrong in lots of ways, but at least I was able to correct the misinformation, (most of it anyway-some may still be wrong).
  • I think its a cultural thing - But you shouldnt let it affect the way you are arounf women... I grew up not watching things on TV not kisses nothing - but I still think Im ok.. It takes time though. Give yourself the chance to explore, grow and develop.
  • Old fashioned modesty and dignity was built into us as children...and we still value these teachings. The modern generation can learn a lot from this ....if only they listen. But ,there is no earthly reason why you should feel guilty about this. Chill out. Wish you well.
  • She did what ever she wished to do.Now you dont carry on the streak.Carry on with your life and open your mind.
  • I grew up in a household where extreme bigotry was preached daily by my father, yet I learned to look past what I was being told and to develop my own truth and take on the world. You too, can do so. You just have to take the leap.
  • Good Morning Answerbeggar.... Do you think I need psychiatric help if I remember you asking a very similar question like this in the past?
  • I'm sure she grew up the same way: Fearful about anything involving nudity and sex. Well, through these references she instilled the same bad feelings in you. The only way to combat that is to develop new references to bury the old. Hang out with some hookers or something. Well...maybe not that but you know what I mean.
  • ask your self "who am i?". is the guilt really yours. before the times of the bible women were considered to be godesses. sex was considered a way to get into heaven. my sound like crazy paganism to you but i guess you just need to deside. do you, your self, think there is any reason you should feel guilty?
  • Maybe she has her own unresolved issue with sex that she is not dealing with and passing on her fear/frustration unto her children.
  • I am very shy around girls to and am 26 and have had only 1 girl friend for a short time. but i feel like i was mulested as a child but not by parents but by distant family. would like to talk more with you.
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  • Lol I dont think its normal,anything that involves hiding or induces a type of fear is not normal.So yea dont mind her.

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