• Give her a small box lined with a nice warm sweater you don't want anymore. We have found ours prefers to stay in the cage we have purchased. I think he feels safer.
  • yes its normal its very young and scared and could be might be hungry but most likely just scared all young kittens that young do it they are calling for moma dony worry,if you can let it sleep with you it will pick its own moma to take the real ones place overall dont worry
  • make a nice soft bed with teddys and things to keep it warm and tuck it in like a little baby
  • Until last night, she has been sleeping in a warm, cozy pile with mom and siblings. Now all of a sudden she is alone. She is lonely and bereft. For what its worth, if you go back and adopt one of her siblings you will be glad. After my last kitten, I swore I would never adopt a single kitten again. If you get two, they expend their somewhat destructive kitten energy on each other. If you get one, they expend it on you, your couch, your bedding, your curtains, your barefeet. Pretty soon, you end up wishing you'd never gotten a cat. If you don't have a lot of patience, the cat will end up at the pound. So run, don't walk, back to where you got that kitten and get a second one. Also, go to the Walmart and pick up a little plastic squirt bottle for each room in your home. Fill it with water and a few drops of vinegar. When your cat does something you don't want it to do, warn it verbally, shake the bottle and squirt it. Before long, it will stop what its doing when you shake the bottle. Eventually, it will stop with a verbal warning. It saves a lot of wear and tear on your nerves.
  • I agree with what everyone else has said. Make the kitty comfy, a warm blanket and all that. Lots of play toys and leave a radio on near it's bed. And don't forget a scratching post or you may not have any furniture left. And cover the dirt in your house plants with rocks or kitty will be pooping in them.
  • It's normal. They hve lost their family and it's lonely at first before it learns that you are it's new family. But she would feel better probably in a smaller more enclosed area at first so she doesn't feel so lost and empty. Is there a laundry room or bathroom you could keep her in with her food and water and litter box?
  • i just got a 11 wk old and did the same after 2 nights with light on and radio on low shes now okay with just light on..have to keep it on because i must have the only cat in the world that is scared of the dark! after 4 days though she is now settled,not so nervous and will come when we call her. bless. shell be fine
  • Cats are social animals. They're usually happier with another of their own kind to play with.
  • She is missing her mom and siblings. It won't take long for her to come around, trust me. Perhaps you can leave her with some toys to play with to occupy her.
  • see if you can adopt another kitten as well so they can play 2gether. Thats what i did. I adopted 2 kittens so they can keep each other company when im not home.
  • give her more freedom in your house, so she can be near you at all times, as she gets older she will feel more secure
  • The cat is probably lonely if it had been with other cats. Try making her a small box with an old sweater in it for her to sleep in. Don't get angry with it if it starts to claw on the furniture, this will be the cat's way of acting out at being left alone.
  • take a watch that is doing the click thing a put it in her bed, she will think that its her mum's heart bit and she will sleep next to eat. ahh its absolutely normal.
  • If it is cold in the living room get her a box with a blanket and put a hot water bottle under the blanket. The kitten needs to feel secure and the box will be her own space. Preferably the best thing to do is cover the box and cut an entrance in the side so she has privacy. This will make her feel safe. She should also have access to food and water at all times. Perhaps you should get a second kitten as they keep each other company. PS Make sure the hot water bottle is not too hot.
  • Yes this is normal she was so used to having her mummy around and her litter mates that she'll be missing them lots and she is still very young ,i got a new ragdoll kitten 4 weeks ago and he cried for 5 days on the trot including nights ,i must admit it drove me mad but afterall they are in a strange place with people they dont know ,once she puts her own scent around ,which wont take long she'll be fine just show her lots of love and make her feel wanted.

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