• No Those termites could have done so much damage that you can only find out the extent if you rip off some of the walls and floors. Pass on it. It could be structurally unsound and commended by the city. How much is the property worth, plus the tearing down of the house and disposal of it's contents. Is there any lead there? Is there any rules about getting rid of termite infested wood? This could be a real money pit.
  • I would unless there is significant termite damage within the walls or in the foundation. The termites can be gotten rid of rather easily, but the repairs if there is a lot of damage may not be so easy. See exactly what is damaged and then make the assessment.
  • If it is a house you love, I would say the $1200 to fumigate is a worthy investment. I would also ask if the inspector gave you any assessment as to the extent of the damage? If not, you might want to hire your own housing inspector to come in and see just how extensive it is. That said, when I bought my house, I also had a termite problem. But it was easily remedied, and I only had to pay about $600 to fix the problem. No problems since!! And I have been here, HAPPILY!! I LOVE MY HOUSE!!...for 14 years!! :) If you LOVE IT, FIGHT FOR IT!! I am sure it's not as bad as all that, or the termite inspector would have mentioned. Get the report directly from him...he might be willing to give you a more detailed assessment of the problem.

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