• Being the cause of a break-up will not feel good. What would feel better is if you did not participate in anything happening when her guy is not looking and if she truly wants to be with you.. SHE makes the decision to end her relationship to be with you. When she goes to grab your hand.. pull it back and say .. if you were single I would surely love to feel your hand on mine but it is not right to do so now. Would you not want the same respect shown? It does not matter what type of guy she is with.. what matters is she IS with him. Good luck
  • for a girl to hold your hand is a deep connection, if she doesn't like you romantically at least she consider you a very close friend. As for the second question, considering she is that close to you, I would tell her I like her. Good luck, hope it helps
  • Ok well to give you some background,me and her started hanging out and talking alot more(texting,IMing)for the last month or so, after she broke up with her previous bf.I think she started to like me but she said she didn't want to be in a relationship right now.So I was giving her time and just being her friend.Then something happened between us.At this point we didn't really talk much or hang out and I found out she started dating this guy a few days after are falling out.Now everything is cool between us and thats when she grabbed my hand and such.Is it possible she is dating this guy because of me and what happened?Cause he is the complete opposite of me and not someone I would think she would go for.Or is that just my ego and she actually likes this guy and and the timing was just a considence?
  • better tell her..wat if she also likes you..if u rily like her ..den go for her..and u sed it urself..u dun wanna see her get hurt..
  • If they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you.

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